William Booth: Salvation Army Founder, Freemason

William Booth

To those who claim there is no proof that William Booth founder of the Salvation Army was a Freemason I present the following evidence. Throughout his life we can plainly see that Mr. Booth would put his hand (usually the right) inside his jacket. Why does this matter? In Freemasonry this is called the "hidden hand of Jahbulon" (AKA sign of the master of the second veil) gesture and was done in order to clandestinely show his brother Masons that he was part of their fraternity. The phrase refers to how Freemasons consider themselves to be the hidden hand that shapes world history.

When looking at all the world leaders who have participated in this conspiracy I see no reason to disagree. Jah-bul-on is the combination of the trinity of gods of Freemasonry: Jah (Yah - Yahweh), Bul (Baal) and On (Osiris -worshiped in Egypt as the god On).

If you look closely at the photographs you can see one in which William Booth is wearing a T shirt with the original Salvation Army logo. It depicts the sun wearing a crown which makes sense since Yahweh, Baal and Osiris are all connected to sun worship. It also features a very snake like 'S' seemingly wrapped around the cross of Christ. The snake wrapped around a T-shaped (tau) cross is called an ankh and is also occult in origin.

Below you will find many more examples of Booth making this Masonic gesture the preponderance of which completely rules out the possibility it was accidental. Some have attempted to suggest that Booth did this because he had constant 'tummy aches'. Interestingly, this exact same excuse was used to explain Napoleon's constant usage of this hidden hand gesture in most of his known portraits.



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