Drexel University says spray on antennas are the future of technology


(Received the article from "Guest" a Brother in Christ)

  • Your skin is being exploited and weaponized against you.
  • You skin is a tool in Satan's toolkit to get you to curse God.
  • Your skin is an electromagnetic array antenna for communication and can be harvested as a power supply

  • Signs of the End

  • "You who hate good and love evil, Who tear off their skin from them And their flesh from their bones, Who eat the flesh of my people, Strip off their skin from them, Break their bones And chop them up as for the pot And as meat in a kettle."  Micah 3:2-3
  • Stop reading this article immediately and take a look at your skin.  You skin is amazing!  God designed your skin, which is the largest organ of your body.  Your multi-layered skin provides you a container for the Divine Image and your internal Spiritual uniqueness, a barrier from the outside world, transmitter and receiver, a sensory device, a tool that Satan can use to get you to curse God, camouflage, an indication of our spiritual condition (and physical), communication system and power supply, and an interface system with your environment.  The Old Testament forbids tattoos and markings, considered in the Bible worship of the dead, and in Revelation a mark accepted in two locations of the body will spell eternal damnation.  As we shall explore in this article, your skin is being exploited and weaponized against you.

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    Read the Bible and you will know what is happening and what is to come!! The Bibel is the only source which is reliable as it is written by God himself!!