Straight Talk on Repentance and Forgiveness

The Christian stands apart and above a world beset by rivalries and resentments, eager to forgive and seek the eternal life even of those who persecute him. Yet Jesus, Who laid down commands to turn the other cheek and bless our persecutors, also says that there are times when the rejected and maligned Christian must require repentance from those who attack him. This is not vindictiveness or satisfaction of wounded pride. It is simple justice. It is part of the fact that, while God requires love on our part, He, as a God of love, is also a God of justice. We as Christians, who are to conform ourselves to His image, also must respect God’s requirement that justice be done toward us.

When must we require repentance from others?

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Understanding Zechariah: Part 2

Because Jewish supremacists have fomented so much evil through the ages, many anti-Zionists are inclined to believe most Jews tend to be genetically degenerate, a "toxic race."

Yet Scripture is clear that Jewry's problems are spiritual. The Jewish nation, especially since the Crucifixion, has made wrong after wrong moral decisions. In Revelation Jesus says such decisions have transformed them into "the synagogue of Satan." Yet, spiritually darkened as Talmudic and secular Jews may be, the Bible is emphatic that at Christ's second coming God will lead a remnant of Jews to repent and trust their rejected Messiah.

Displacement theology interprets the hundreds of promises of national Jewish repentance, found primarily in the Old Testament, as symbolic. But in the chapters from Zechariah which we read in this lesson we find the fact of Jewish national conversion so specifically described that it is impossible to portray this great last-days Jewish ingathering as symbolic. We discuss the conversion of the Jews, that radiant light at the end of the very dark tunnel we are in today.

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