Stuffed Shirt: Someone viewed as exceedingly competent, a notch above others, extraordinary, superior, elite, a surpassing expert, a change agent, above average, higher up, unrivaled, first-class, a higher degree, hardly ever wrong, and wealthier than average. Stuffed Shirts are perceived as formal, pompous, narcissistic, arrogant, excessively elite, stiff, controlled, perfectionistic, smug or conceited; and many are considered to be inflexible, condescending, controlling or reactionary.

Sycophant: a self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning sidekick; naïve or blind follower; a favor-seeking underling.

The evangelical universe has an over-abundance of Stuffed Shirt Types these days. Parachurch organizations are overflowing with them. Seminaries breed them. Conferences are booked to capacity with them.

Stuffed Shirts exist solely because they are continuously surrounded by vast armies of Sycophants, their own True Believers.

Here is a partial list of Stuffed Shirt Types, the New Breed of evangelical Mucky-Mucks – consultants, experts, leaders, trainers, coaches, change agents, financial stewards, executives, entrepreneurs, professors, investors, managers, gurus, mavens, best-sellers, keynote speakers, advisors, commanders, portfolio managers, senior specialists, analysts, accountants, CEOs, administrators and top honchos.

The above list was compiled from recent scouring of the Internet to see what sorts of conferences BigWig evangelical Leaders and their Multitudinous Organizations are sponsoring these days. All of these Stuffed Shirts flourish impressive credentials as Successful Experts in their field. No Peons Allowed.

This is the new face of Evangelicaldom. It is being overrun with Stuffed Shirt types. Legions of them. They are all plaguing the church in these last days! And they all
cost money! Lots of money.

Stuffed Shirts come in all shapes, sizes and kinds. Defying the stereotype of starched collars with formal suits and ties, modern-day Stuffed Shirts appear in a wider variety of disguises – rugby stripes, button-downs, T-shirts… you name it. Casual is hip. You can more easily spot them when they sport their own name brand on their sleeve. In fact, their entire operation will sport their logo.

By definition, a Stuffed Shirt is a Change Agent. But Stuffed Shirts do not all fit the same personality profile. (Some appear humble.)

Here’s the key to identifying one: Stuffed Shirts are the Esteemed Experts. You’re not. Never forget this! You can become an Aspiring Expert, but you will always be the lesser.

Who are the Stuffed Shirts?

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