To Sing National Anthem - 'Adonis Belt' Is Trans-Proof

Pink to perform national anthem at Super Bowl

Pop singer Pink will sing the national anthem before Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis this year.

The NFL made the announcement
Monday morning.

The national anthem has led to controversy
recently as some NFL players took a knee to protest police brutality. The singer has been vocal about her views on President Donald Trump and his response to the protests.

Super Bowl LII will be on Sunday, February 4 on NBC.

What a mind twist on John Q. Public this is to be. The great NFL American-flag-disappearing psyop of 2017 [link] to now be consummated by a Baphomet (i.e. transgender worship) ritual performance of the National Anthem to start Super Bowl 52. Dose the world with some kabbala-black-magic right off the bat would be the effect that would have - as the watching world is made to believe they are seeing one thing - while in reality they are being subjected to something else entirely. A huge mind-twist of the watching global audiences to bow them all, unawares, before a representation of the would-be zwo-kingdom-kome androgynous-false-god they call Baphomet - i.e. Lucifer i.e Satan - the reality. And understand with certainty that this is the exact purpose - nothing less.

This would have to mean then that zio-Hollywood employee Pink is a so-called "transgender" - that is, not a female at all but actually a man. Well the photo evidence of singer-Pink is undeniably male-conclusive. Anatomy cannot be changed, Pink has definite male anatomy. Male-proportionate wide shoulders, narrow male-wide not female-wide hips w/no hourglass form, and in particular a pronounced "Adonis Belt" [see image below]. The 'Adonis Belt', sometimes also called the "Apollo Belt", is a name for the iconic 'V' shape of the lower torso of the male anatomy:

"The V-Shaped abs...Also known as Iliac furrow or the Adonis belt, they are an anatomical feature of the lower abdominal area in the male body that tends to be visible in the 6-12% body fat range. The factors that determine their prominence are the thickness of the Transvers Abdominis (TVA), internal obliques, and of course, the surrounding fat." [source]

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When Jesus comes he will rule them with a rod of iron:

Revelation 2:27 And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father.