Läs om MACCHIARINI här nedan!

Och är du vid dina sinnes någorlunda bruk och inte blivit hjärntvättat totalt så måste du uppröras och förfasas över vad som accepteras inom den svenska sjukvården!

The worldwide acknowledged surgeon Paolo Macchiarini, researchers and medical doctor operating in Karolinska Institutet, was arrested in Italy this week. He has to respond to a number of charges, among which attempt of fraud and exaction.

-Things didn’t get better between the surgeon and the Italian hospital when, in 2010, one of Macchiarini’s patients died due to an infection after an operation, and the doctor dropped to the Hospital the entire responsibility for what happened. This fact, along with another series of misunderstanding with Carreggi Hospital, made Macchiarini resign the same year. Shortly later, Karolinksa Institute stepped in and offered to the already world-applauded doctor an “invited professorship” position, and basically unlimited possibilities to grow his research in Stockholm.

The author of the article above calls Macchiarini "an excellent scientist"!

What blindness!


Artificial trachea pioneer cleared in first of two misconduct cases

A thoracic surgeon who attracted widespread attention for transplanting artificial tracheae into patients—and then faced scientific misconduct charges—has been found not guilty in the first of two investigations into his work. The decision, announced today, was made on 7 April by the Karolinska Institute’s vice-chancellor, Anders Hamsten, on the basis of an internal investigation by the institute’s ethics council. The council concluded that the issues raised are of a “philosophy-of-science kind rather than of a research-ethical kind.”

“We all felt terrible [about the investigation] because it affected our credibility, the credibility of my team,” says the accused, Paolo Macchiarini, a visiting professor at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. “We are now happy that everything has been cleared.” Pierre Delaere, a head and neck surgeon at UZ Leuven in Belgium who brought the case against Macchiarini, says he is "stunned about such outright injustice.”

Macchiarini är inte befunnen skyldig av Anders Hamsten på grund av filosofisk-vetenskaplig...

Vilket ordbajs allt för för att dölja sanningen!


Inquiry Finds Misconduct by a Top Surgeon, Paolo Macchiarini

An investigation in Sweden into a surgeon who is a pioneer in the field of regenerative medicine has found that he committed scientific misconduct by omitting or falsifying information about the conditions of three patients in medical journals.

Dr. Bengt Gerdin, the independent investigator who looked into accusations against the surgeon, Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, said that in several journal papers, including one in The Lancet in 2011, Dr. Macchiarini had “omitted some data and also fabricated or falsified some data regarding the postoperative state of patients” on whom he had performed experimental groundbreaking operations.