It has been thirty days since the last instalment of Symbolic Pics of the Month and you better believe that the constant flow of Illuminati symbolism in mass media hasn’t stopped. In the December edition of Symbolic Pics of the Month: Sugababes, Kanye West, Cassie, Jessie J, Robyn and many others.


Robin - Swedish singer fallen by the Illuminati-lies


Educate Yourself

Here are some books and videos I personally consulted in my years of research. Most of the books are written by reputed authors who are eminences in their respective fields and provide invaluable information on subjects rarely covered in mass media.

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The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall
In 1928, a 20-something Renaissance man named Manly Hall self-published a vast encyclopedia of the occult, believing that “modern” ideas of progress and materialism were displacing more important and ancient modes of knowledge. Hall’s text has become a classic reference, dizzying in its breadth: various chapters explore Rosicrucianism, Kabbalah, alchemy, cryptology, Tarot, pyramids, the Zodiac, Pythagorean philosophy, Masonry and gemology, among other topics. This affordably priced edition would be vastly improved by a new foreword, placing the work in some kind of historical and critical context and introducing readers to the basic contours of Hall’s sweeping corpus. Instead, we have a disciple’s adulatory 1975 foreword, which merely parrots the same themes of mystery and esoterica that are espoused in the book. Readers who are unfamiliar with Hall’s work will be at a loss in ferreting out which chapters have stood the test of time and which have been vigorously debunked (like the one on Islam, which actually uses novelist Washington Irving as a primary source on the prophet Muhammad). However, they will also marvel at the sheer scope of Hall’s research and imagination, and at J. Augustus Knapp’s famous illustrations.


Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike
The book is composed of Pike’s ruminations and essays on the Degrees of the Scottish Rite, from the 1st to the 32nd. It is intended as a guidebook for people entering the Scottish Rite, and explains Pike’s understanding of the symbolism and allegory in the degrees he wrote. However, it is a truly imposing tome. There are 861 pages of text and a 218 page index; the book itself is over two inches thick. There are thirty-two chapters, each discussing the philosophical symbolism of a degree of Freemasonry in extensive detail. In the Preface to the 1950 Edition, the editors wrote about Pike thus:

“In preparing this work, the Grand Commander has been about equally Author and Compiler; since he has extracted quite half of its contents from the works of the best writers and most philosophic or eloquent thinkers. Perhaps it would have been better and more acceptable if he had extracted more and written less.”

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