Within the last decade 10.000’s of people have become unwitting and non consenting lab rats in their own home, and the number of victims is growing exponentially in these years. Their life has been completely destroyed, and they are tortured on a daily basis.

The scale of these crimes and world wide spread and complete media blackout, suggest that these are not a few rouge scientist at private labs. But States and in particular their intelligence services controlling and guarding this research. In the US the CIA, NSA, FBI and DOD, have funded many neurological research projects. During the cold war hundreds of thousand of civilian citizen became unwitting test subjects of a variety of military and intelligence research project’  testing and of course the infamous MKULTRA Mind Control program run by the CIA. The where allegedly shut down in the mid 70’s, but many intelligence and military sources claim the opposite. The selection of test subject, the total media cover up and the deliberate discrediting of these test subject voicing their complaint, by induced mental health symptoms is just a repetition of history and gives a clear indication of the controlling people behind these extreme human right violations. Much of the system is build around “plausible dependability”.

Brain mind

Neuroscience has for the last decade been the fastest growing research field in the world, and its predominantly financed by the military and the intelligence services around the world.

It is no secret that we are entering what scientist refer to as the Neuro-Society, and there is already extensive research going on in as diverse fields as Health sector, neuro marketing, lie detection, personality profiling for job applicants, behavior modification, The gaming industry,remote control (automobile industry), communications sector (mobile industry).Computer interaction (all majorplayers), Artificial intelligence and neuro computing, etc.

The US military has close collaboration and joint venture collaboration with major companies in all these sectors. Just to mention one example would be DARPA’s AugCog (Augmented Cognition) program for intelligence and military use.

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Stalking and who is responsible for it  - Testimony

This RNM gangstalking technology needs the attention of prayer and love and light from believers and lightworkers and freedom fighters around the world to get it stopped immediately. This technology is being used for evil purposes to destroy human life and it must be stopped asap. RNM and Gangstalking




It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them." Deut. 32:35