If there is one thing certain about Paul and Jan Crouch, it is that nothing is certain. Whether the guest of Trinity Broadcast Network is a religious leader that is fairly fundamental in doctrine or a way out person that says almost nothing that makes sense, they both are welcomed and applauded as great. For one hour of the "Praise The Lord" show you may hear someone trusted by much of the church world and then the next hour hear the babble of Kim Clement. Theology or truth is just not important. It is religious entertainment.

In fact, Paul Crouch calls theology "doo-doo". On a Praise The Lord telecast he shouted, "Let Him (God) sort out all this doctrinal doo-doo, I don’t care about it." He apparently hates no one worse than those he calls "heresy hunters". On another occasion he spoke to his worldwide audience by stating, "Heretic hunters, those guys who spend their lives straightening us all out doctrinally, they are going to go straight to hell." (You could hear Jan laughing approvingly on the set.) Here are a man and woman that controls the message about the Word of God and the airing of the messages of the most noted televangelists to the greatest single audience in the world and they hate correction and biblical reproof. It is a formula for spiritual disaster and that is what is already occurring.

Here are three additional statements that show Paul’s disdain for anyone that dares to question the messages of his guests on Trinity Broadcast Network.

Transcribed From Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise The Lord Show:

"I refuse to argue any longer with any of you out there. Don’t even call me if you want to argue doctrine, if you want to straighten somebody out over here, if you want to criticize Kenneth Copeland for his preaching on faith of Dad Hagin, get out of my life. I don’t ever want to talk to you or hear, I don’t want to see your ugly face."

"I think they are damned and on their way to hell and I don’t think there is any redemption for them. I say, ‘to hell with you’."

"I say, ‘Get out of God’s way, quit blocking God’s bridges (Apparently, he defines God’s bridges as the One World Church and ecumenism.); or God is going to shoot you if I don’t.’"

What Does Paul And Jan Really Believe?

Either they do not know what they believe or they do not care. Their guests represent some of the wildest possible heresy that can be exposed. Two of their newest stars/idols are Phil Munsey and Kim Clement. The mainstays of the last five to twenty years are well-known televangelists that continually teach questionable doctrines that have already destroyed a multitude of believers. I want to simply give you quotes from TBN telecasts and their guests and then show those quotes in the light of clear biblical truth. The picture that will emerge will represent some of the absolute darkest heresy available in the church world. The problem is that these people, whose actual words you will read, are not called cultic. They operate in the supposedly sane world of true Christianity. You must let God’s Word help you decide. Your spiritual life is absolutely at stake.

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