The New Age Movement is "the most dangerous enemy of Christianity in the world today,...more dangerous than secular humanism." This is the knowledgeable opinion of Norman L. Geisler, professor of Systematic Theology at Dallas (Tex.) Theological Seminary.

Many people have never heard of the New Age Movement. Its philosophy, however, has been around for a long time, and specific groups are now aligning with it. In his 1978 book, New Age Politics, Mark Satin cited resources of "250 New Age Books/20 Interesting Books by Some Early American Advocates of 'New Age Politics'/50 New Age Periodicals/100 New Age Groups." In the years since, the publications and groups seem to have exploded on the scene. Various names are associated with the movement, such as Alice Bailey, Benjamin Creme, David Spangler, Levi Dowling, George Trevelyan, Fritjof Capra, Abraham Maslow, Marilyn Ferguson, Shirley MacLaine and George Lucas.

The New Age Movement began with a member of the Theosophical Society named Alice A. Bailey. She was an Englishwoman who emigrated to America and who lived from 1880 to 1949. She laid the real foundations of the New Age Movement and is regarded as its high priestess. As a spiritist medium she allegedly received messages from a so-called master of wisdom, the Tibetan Djwal Khul. These messages, which she wrote under dictation from this demonic being were published in numerous books. Her secret teachings, which to this day are followed minutely in New Age circles, set forth "The Plan for the New World Order."

According to some secret instructions, the Movement was to keep out of the public eye until 1975.

Believing that God is a neutral force that can be manipulated either for good or evil, New Age occultists are greatly interested in learning the means by which they can achieve this. Thus at the centre of this New Age spirituality is faith in man in the all-pervasive energy or life force throughout the cosmos.

An essential part of the New Age Religion is the use of certain psycho technologies. They include the following practices: meditation, yoga, Zen, hypnosis, transpersonal psychology, and positive thinking. The growing feminism has some links with New Age spirituality.

While feminist theology endeavours to represent the God of the Bible as being both masculine and feminine or even as an exclusively feminine godhead, the radical vanguard of the New Age feminist movement is already demanding that the Christian faith be replaced by the myth of Gaia, "mother Earth,"whose cult is now being revived and practiced. What is common among many New Age groups is a counterfeit religious experience such as contact with demons through drugs, meditation, psycho technologies, and other ventures. They also believe in UFO's and extra-terrestrial beings, from which they reputedly also receive messages.

The symbols used by the Movement are notable. For example, the occult Indo-Germanic sign of good luck adopted by Adolf Hitler. The biblical number 666 (Apoc. 13.18) which according to Alice Bailey, possesses sacred qualities and which according to New Age teaching should be used frequently in order to accelerate the progress of civilization and the coming of the New Age.

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