Johannes evangelium 10:10 Tjuven kommer bara för att stjäla, slakta och döda. Jag har kommit för att de ska ha liv, och liv i överflöd.
~Jesus Kristus

The following was for the most part written by a precious "Jewish" man who was raised in a "Jewish" family which had for 7 generations completely rejected the LIES of Judaism and its holy books: the Talmud and were raised up soundly in The WORD. As you will see, he had tremendous knowledge of the coming "Jewish Utopia" (see Michael Higger's book by the same name). Although this was written some time ago, we believe that it is timely and more valid now than ever.

As he clearly qualifies towards the end of this incredible article, you may not agree with his interpretation of Endtime events laid out in the WORD, nevertheless, we think after reading it, you will agree that his article is extremely important, and therefore we feature it here.

May Yahweh God firmly bless you for reading this important information!!  _________________________________________

The text you are about to read unmasks a Plot that is more incredible than any you will ever see unfold in the pages of a suspense novel or portrayed in any cinematic "thriller"! For the Plot revealed herein was not written to entertain, amuse or thrill the public. - In fact, it was never intended that this Plot should fall into the hands of the public, for it was given secretly to a group of men who were obsessed with one common desire and objective: WORLD DOMINATION AND CONTROL! But before examining the actual document in which this program for world conquest is outlined, let us consider the following sentiments of the renowned industrial pioneer, Henry Ford Sr.

Aware that a powerful group of financiers was attempting to wrest control of the Ford Motor Company away from him, in 1921, Mr. Ford commissioned a highly qualified team of researchers to make a complete study of these money manipulators. The findings of this research were published by Mr. Ford in a book entitled "THE INTERNATIONAL JEW". Realising the highly controversial and inflammatory reaction that the release of such a publication might produce, the author reasoned thus:

"There is extreme sensitiveness about any public discussion of the Jewish Question on the part of Gentiles. There is a vague feeling that to even use the word "Jew" openly, or to expose it nakedly in print, is somehow improper. Polite evasions are timidly used instead, and people pick their way gingerly as if the whole subject were forbidden, until some courageous thinker comes along with the good old word "Jew", and then the constraint is relieved and the air cleared.

"The chief difficulty in writing about this question is the *supersensitiveness* of Jews and non-Jews concerning the whole matter. The idea seems to be fixed in the Jew by inheritance that any public discussion of the Jewish Question is organised and inspired by a Jew-hater. That idea is sought to be fixed in the Gentile by propaganda; that any writing which does not simply cloy and drip syrupy sweetness towards things Jewish is born of prejudice and hatred. It is, therefore, branded as 'anti-semitism' - 'full of lies, insult, insinuation, and constitutes an instigation to massacre!'

"Nevertheless, the Jew remains the world's enigma. Poor in his masses, yet he controls the world's finances. Scattered abroad without country or official government, yet he presents a unity of race continuity which no other people has achieved. For centuries living under legal disabilities in almost every land, he emerged to become the power behind many a throne.

"No similar minority of any people would warrant comment, because we would not meet with a representative of them wherever we went in high places -- in the innermost secrecy of the councils of the world's major powers; in the United States Supreme Court; in the councils of the world's capitals; in the vast institutions of world finance. We meet the Jew *everywhere* in the upper circles, literally everywhere where there is POWER. And that is where the Jewish Question begins - - in very simple terms. How does the Jew so habitually and so resistlessly gravitate to the highest places? Who puts him there? Why is he put there? What does he do there? What does the fact of his being there mean to the world? THAT IS the Jewish Question in its origin.

"This brings us to another difficulty: In discussing this group of world-controllers under the name of Jews - and they are Jews - it is not always possible to stop and distinguish the group of Jews that is meant. The candid reader can usually determine that, but the Jew who is in a state of mind to be injured is sometimes pained by reading as a charge against himself what was intended for the upper group. 'Then why not discuss the upper group as financiers and not as Jews' may be asked. The answer is simple: Because they ARE Jews!


But let it be clearly understood that it is not most of the Jews of the world who are to blame for the stranglehold their race now grips the earth with! Most Jews are poor law-abiding people who have little or nothing to do with the decisions of their rich and powerful international leaders. It is these "international Jews" who control the world's news media and propaganda and wealth and power and arms, who in their attempt to seize total control of the world are now pushing mankind to the brink of catastrophe!

So when we speak about the Jews who are wrecking the world and bringing it to destruction, we're referring to the powerful Jewish leaders! This publication is by no means intended to be an indictment against the common run of Jews, the poor Jews who are duped and deceived by their leaders, the poor sheep - or goats - throughout the world who are misinformed and led astray by their "blind leaders of the blind"! (Mat 15:14)


These international bankers have now grown so powerful and immensely wealthy that they have now loaned out enough money to make the ENTIRE WORLD their slaves! (mine emph.) The Bible says, "The borrower is servant to the lender!" (Prov 22:7), literally, "SLAVE to the lender" The clever international bankers knew they could make slaves out of the world by forcing huge loans on them, virtually insisting on it. And the developing countries were more than happy to have billions of loaned dollars showered on them! The big money boys KNEW the poor little countries wouldn't be able to pay them back, but they didn't care. In fact, they didn't WANT to get paid back with money. They wanted to ENSLAVE these nations and become their MASTERS!

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Protocol 5 says:

"In the end they shall turn to us in favour of our king-despot of the blood of Zion whom we are preparing for the world. When the king of Israel sets upon his sacred head the crown offered him, he will become patriarch of the world! The people will see in our ruler the personification of force and power, the Supreme Lord who will replace all of their now existing rulers."

The one they are talking about in the quote, is of course Antichrist (Satan´s full power in this man) whom the Bible talks about!!


På vilken sida står du Stefan Ingves - som chef (sedan 2006) för Riksbanken - en Rothschild/International Money Lender bank?!

Totalt ovilliga att ta reda på sanningen låter vi infiltratörerna härja fritt i Sverige!

Sverige är i Satans grepp!