The future invasion of Jerusalem is a very sad and horrifying story, and there is much information in Biblical prophecy that can be combined to tell it. I'll make just a few points here, however, and give you an outline.

"And Elam carried the quiver with a chariot of a man and charioteers, and Kir exposed the shield. And it happened; your choicest valleys were full of chariots, and the charioteers surely set in order at the gate [Old Jerusalem]. And He removed Judah's covering; and you looked in that day to the armor of the house of the forest. You also saw the breaks in the city of David, that they were many; and you gathered the waters of the lower pool. And you counted the houses of Jerusalem, and you broke down the houses to fortify the wall...let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die" (Isaiah 22:7-10, 13).

Here are the Jerusalemites taking a last stand in the Old City, for, modern Jerusalem built in the last 100 years has no walls and will, therefore, be taken by Gog first of all.

This segment of Isaiah must depict the end times because Jerusalem was at no other time successfully invaded by Elam and Kir, peoples from modern Iran. You can see that Israel's valleys must -- before the invasion on Jerusalem -- be filled with the machinery of these Iranian peoples (how long will that take???) The Hezbollah now in Lebanon is extremely anti-West and anti-Israeli, and is funded, and therefore controlled, by Iran! Therefore, I expect in the near future a build-up of Iranians in Lebanon.

When the most-devoted Jerusalemites hear how the northern lands are filled by the anti-Christ's men, rather than fleeing -- as Jesus directed anyone whom would listen -- they will look to whatever weaponry they can muster, and then enclose themselves within the Old-City walls...right next to the Temple site destined to support the Abomination!

Among those who flee Israel at that time will be the terrified rulers: "All your rulers fled together" (22:3), and it's predictable that the abandonment of their posts will disorganize the military and leave the Jerusalemites to fend for themselves:

"What ails you now that you have gone up to the housetops? Crashings fill the noisy city, the joyous city..." (22:1-2).

What are they doing on their housetops prior to the midway point of the tribulation, if not firing at the incoming soldiers? This is why "crashings" fill the "noisy city," for the enemy is firing in on them, and they are fighting back. Hence, the city has not yet been taken at this point. But it is the critical point spoken of by Jesus: Let those in Judea flee to the mountains; let the one on his roof not come down to take anything from his house..." (Matthew 24:17).

It will be a very difficult thing to escape from Jerusalem when she is completely surrounded at close range. Iranians from the north, but also Arabs from the south and east. Most Jews will wait too long as they do not heed Jesus. But imagine trusting in God to save you when it's God coming as the blazing whirlwind of Ezekiel (chapters 1-11) against all four walls around you. Those that do flee are captured in flight and "tied up together" for exile/execution (Isaiah 22:4). Ezekiel 5:12 tells us that a third of the Jews will die inside the walls due to plague and famine, and a third outside of the walls will also die (when trying to escape I presume).

The enemy will move in, when the main Israeli defense is behind the walls, to cut off their supplies. Much of the available water will be used to mix the mortar needed for filling the holes in the walls. With their guns pointed out in all directions, the Jews watch Gog's looters turn up like rats, morning by morning, in different parts of the unwalled city. Says Isaiah of Jerusalem's siege:


"Woe to Ariel, to Ariel, the city where David camped...I will compress Ariel, and there shall be mourning and sorrow; and it shall be to me as Ariel [lion-like]. And I will camp as a circle on you, and will lay siege work on you, and I will raise up ramparts on you..." (29:1-3)

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It is very seldom you find anything about the future war in Israel.

People both they who say the are Christians and they who do not profess as such are blind to the fact.

They do not want to know the truth, even if the Bible is very clear on this. (Ett exempel är HIMLEN TV7 och HÄR som är totalt lurad!  Det är lätt att se vilka de är styrda av. JAG ÄR TYDLIGEN AVSTÄNGD PÅ DERAS SITE, EFTERSOM DE INTE VILL BLI AVSLÖJADE.)

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