Madness of Multiculturalism

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Cultural relativism is the false doctrine that all cultures are equally valid and good.  And multiculturalism is the false doctrine that  everyone must respect everyone else’s culture, and tolerate and even celebrate  all cultural practices, so that all humans will live together in harmony as one big, happy, tolerant, multicultural family.  But this is neither possible nor sensible.  The fact is, multiculturalism is madness.

When we evaluate and judge cultures and cultural practices by the light of the Bible, we find that all cultures are definitely not equal; that those cultures which were once greatly influenced by Protestantism were superior to all others; and that no true Christian should respect cultural practices that are degraded and sinful.  Cultural relativism and multiculturalism are being used to break down the influence and the superiority of western, once-Protestant-influenced culture, and they are simply two more weapons in Satan’s modern arsenal in his ceaseless war against the Lord Jesus Christ.

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