Many people have heard the quote from Britain’s Victorian Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli when he said that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes. One should keep that in mind as they wind their way through the darkest pages of conspiracy history.

There are many in this world that are well aware of the convoluted history of the secret societies and their occult practices. Some of them include the Rosicrucians, the Knights Templar, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the P2 Lodge, the Priory of Zion and the CIA.

However in the beginning there were the Masonic Brotherhoods.

Nimrod was a king of the great city and it is still questioned as to whether or not he was just a product of mythology in the bible because he is merely a cameo figure who was a stone mason that declared himself king of the world.

For a Cameo figure, he influenced a lot of biblical prophecy and may be responsible for the organization of many secret societies that may sound familiar to those who are aware of such things.

Tradition states that Nimrod established a secret fraternity of builders. This is what is known as the ancient brotherhood of masons. According to traditional mythology Nimrod organized this order to build a great Tower. The reason for this construction was that Nimrod wanted to contact God.

He wanted to leave the Earth, and in other mythologies Nimrod was a great hunter and it was theorized that Nimrod was not the hunter of animals but the hunter of men. Religious myth says that Nimrod wanted to be God and so in order to do so he had to build a tower and then when he saw God he would aim his bow and sleigh God.

This bold attempt to crash heaven, or create a space tower to God’s presence was punished with total destruction of the tower as well as the confusion of languages.

Undaunted, Nimrod’s stonemasons were appointed to construct the Temple of King Solomon.

The temples were built as places where secret ordinances and rituals could be carried out. People went to the temple in order to learn about ancient wisdom and occult symbolism. It was a literal secret school where the secrets of the universe were revealed. The officiator would give histories, covenants and declare blood oaths as certain secrets of sacred geometry were given and the patrons were warned not to reveal these secrets to anyone who was not a fellow mason.

The inaugural ranks of Masonry were established, that of "Entered Apprentice", "Fellow Craftsman" and "Master Mason.”

While in these temples special clothing was worn, such as aprons, breastplates of precious metals, an "Ephod" and miter worn by the officiator.

The only explanation I can find to describe temple vestments for these secret ceremonies is in Exodus where Aaron wore the temple vestments which were described as a breastplate; a robe; a fringed tunic; a headdress, which included a gold plate hanging down on the priest's forehead, and a sash.

On the shoulder, pieces of the "Ephod," which was made of gold, blue, purple, and crimson yarns, were two stones with the twelve tribes of Israel engraved on them. The names were carved in reverse thus creating a seal that could be used to imprint these names in rituals. Also, one imagines that the flashy colors of the engraved gemstones had a hypnotic, evocative effect as well as they summoned God in their rituals. These took place in the Temple of Solomon, which was built on the Earth's alleged "foundation stone" (according to Jewish belief), and is meant to act as a gateway to Heaven.


In essence the powers of the world are using their machinery and occult rituals to build a better antichrist presence on the planet and insure that the people will follow the administration of the new order blindly and fully as they fear a demonic world.

The intelligence corps that has kept secrets regarding a possible demonic alien presence from us knows exactly when and how to implement the reality for their own proposes.

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CERN LHC, Satanic Rituals, Inter-Dimensional Gateway, StarGate/Portals, Mayan 21 Dec 2012 End of Age, Biblical Prophecies, Opening of Bottomless Pit 
Also, there is a rumor that the last time they had the LHC running they opened a portal and saw horrifying creatures and immediately closed the portal.

CERN Watch: Scientists Talk Of 'Wormholes' And Other 'Dimensions' - Will CERN Open The Gates Of Hell?
Will they lose control of the LHC when their "alien" friend Apollyon opens the bottomless pit?
I think it is a valid idea that this machine could actually be what becomes "the bottomless pit".


So I can accept that what the media and "officials" call "aliens" are actually demons and fallen angels.
And I can also accept that modern technology was also given to man by these evil beings just like it was given to the men before the flood.
Watching these videos again it occurred to me that maybe the fallen ones gave these mad scientists the plans and knowledge to build this LHC device for the sole purpose of releasing their imprisoned "brethren" from the bottomless pit?
Now that the machine is built maybe all that is needed is the "key" mentioned in Revelation 9 to open the pit?
This is a ways into the future as it doesn't happen until the 5th trumpet but it would seem everything is in Place.



The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013

Det är sådana här människor som får Nobelpris!!

Undrar vad Alfred Nobel skulle säga om han visste.

Man kan förstå varför de som väljer pristagare gömmer sig.

Dock för den Allsmäktige Guden är deras namn uppenbarat!

Läs Uppenbarelseboken kap. 9!


Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account. Hebrews 4:13