What or who is a “pastor?” Where did he come from? What does the Bible say? Where is
"the pastor" found in the New Testament?

Many questions are springing up today in regards to the issue of “the pastor.” No doubt, this is largely due to God’s Spirit moving and working in many people’s minds and hearts.
(All to the annoyance of many “pastors” I might add!)

It has gotten to the point where many local institutional churches have even created a plethora of pastor levels or posts. There’s the “senior pastor;” “assistant pastor;" the “counseling pastor;" a “youth pastor;" "singles pastor;" “pastor of visitation;” “outreach pastor;” all of these of course report back to the “head pastor”, or the “chairman.”

What is wrong with this picture? How did the "pastor" become such a powerful position?

Can you find anybody……anybody at all in the New Testament who was always the speaker; who delivered funeral orations; presided over marriages; who went to a school for pastors (seminary)?
Can you find anyone in the New Testament who always was officiating over so-called “worship services;” who was on the “payroll;” who patted old ladies on the hand; who was always dressed up in fine clothes and who prayed in a funny voice?

Can you find anyone in the New Testament who was hired by the congregation?

Did you find anyone? I didn’t think so.

The concept that “the pastor” is the premier member and leader of some local institutional church is essentially a Protestant brainchild and is quite striking at that, especially when the singular term
"pastor" cannot be found in the King James New Testament…..not even once!

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1 Corinthians 11:3 "But I would have you know, that THE HEAD OF EVERY MAN IS CHRIST."


Varför är samfund och kyrkor fel?