“We talk of the Second Coming; half the world has never heard of the first.”




With a Foreword BY REV. JONATHAN GOFORTH, D.D. The Christian Alliance Publishing Company260 West 44th Street, New York,

N.Y.1925 CONTENTS Chapter

1: The Outpouring of the Spirit Chapter

2: The Responsibility for Revival Chapter

3: Soul-Travail Chapter

4: The Enduement of Power Chapter

5: Conviction Chapter

6: Obstacles Chapter

7: Faith Chapter

8: Heart Yearnings for Revival Chapter

9: Manifestations of God's Power Chapter

10: Spiritual Experiences of Priceless value Preface

Five years ago there came into my life a spiritual experience that revolutionized my work, and resulted in a Ministry characterized by some of the manifestations that usually accompany Revivals. It was in this atmosphere that these messages were born; and while the writing of them has occupied the five intervening years, they but breathe the spirit that then prevailed. May God through them reveal this His servants the shallowness apparent in so much of our Modern Evangelism, and turn them to that deep and abiding work of the Holy Spirit which will alone stand the test of divine fire!

Oswald J. Smith Toronto, 1922

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