Concentration camp Palestine

This photo shows daily life for the goyim in the Palestine concentration camp in 2015, while the media continue their focus on Auschwitz 1945        

Announcing one of the most explosive indictments of the Zionist State ever published! Here is unprecedented documentation of the horrendous atrocities which the Israelis visit upon the Palestinians; the fact-packed answer to the delusions of Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Falwell, Franklin Graham, William Bennett, George Will, Hitchens, Hanson and the legion of other prominent mercenaries and lapdogs of The Lobby.

Compiled by two elite scholars with impeccable credentials -- Michael Hoffman, a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press, and Moshe Lieberman, a former Hebrew University researcher -- the authors combine their sleuthing skills and erudition to bring the reader an irrefutable dossier of Israeli war crimes in Palestine, profusely illustrated with harrowing photos of the death and destruction which the Zionist war machine has administered as collective punishment upon the entire Palestinian nation.

Nothing like this book has ever seen print! "The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians" is one of the most explosive indictments of the Zionist state ever published, proving conclusively that the Israelis themselves are guilty of a holocaust.

If books can still make a difference--and we believe they can--then "The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians" is a tsunami that will force a sea change in American perceptions of the Middle East crisis.

Hoffman and Lieberman make a devastating case for Israeli criminality, while analyzing with profound insight the ferocious Talmudic racism that fuels the Israeli identification of the Palestinian people as "Amalek," and targets them for the final solution of "total eradication." The authors argue that to pretend that Zionist atrocities have not been systematically perpetrated in Palestine as part of a coherent dogma of eliminationism, constitutes nothing less than "holocaust denial."


Israeli terrorists burn Catholic Church

More than 50 attacks against Christian churches in the Israeli state over the past 3 years. Almost no arrests or convictions for these hate crimes.


Rabbinic Curse on Christians: Documented - on a pdf file e-mailed to you

This pdf. also includes a study of the ancient alliance between followers of Islam and followers of the Talmud       

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Israeli talk show make fun of Jesus and Mary