MTV’s Video Music Awards give out “Moon Man” trophies to music artists who have had success during the previous year. But there is much more to it than shiny gold trophies. The VMAs are a celebration of the Illuminati industry, of those who push its agenda and a promotional tool to put the next generation of “initiates” into the spotlight. We’ll look at the 2011 VMAs, the stars that were celebrated and the material that leads them there.

The MTV Video Music Awards are considered to be a few hours of performances and award acceptance speeches mixed with a few shocking moments to generate publicity. But there is more to the award ceremony than meets the eye. This mega-media-event, broadcast around the world, serves several important purposes: First, it is a major promotional tool that allows a select group of artists to gain exposure and recognition while ignoring others; second, it is an almost ritualistic celebration of the Illuminati industry, spotlighting the artists who have pushed its agenda over the previous year. My article on the 2009 VMAs described the ritualistic and symbolic elements that were found throughout the show - there was a definite occult element the underlying show and reflected the mind state of the industry.

The 2011 VMAs arguably contained less occult ritualistic elements, but was still a tightly choreographed show featuring a very select number of artists. These few actors took turns, performing, presenting and awarding each other Moon Men. In other words, the VMAs can be compared to a burlesque play where a few actors take turns appearing on stage to interact with each others. Sometimes, new characters are introduced while others are “killed off”.