By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor


The Babylonian Talmud is considered a very holy book by most Christians. And yet most have never seen one or read one. How then did they come to this opinion except by careful deception. This alleged holy book has within it the most satanic plot against humanity in any religion. It replaces the Old Testament (Torah) in such a subtle manner and in such evil ways as to make it obsolete and of little importance except as a crutch for its existence.

The contents of the Talmud reveals both the antichrist and the great whore. No Christian could read this book in a true heart of faith in Jesus and not come away from a study of it shocked and alarmed.

Who is antichrist John asked: "except he that denieth that Messiah has come in the flesh, he is antichrist."

While Oneness and Trinitarians throw this verse backwards and forwards at each other, the truth is that it was aimed by John against the unbelieving Jews and Temple Cult and perhaps the gnostics. Catholic trinitarians were not in existence at this time and the Apostles would not have thrown this antichrist accusation at themselves. God in flesh was not a problem with the Greeks, they believed in gods in flesh from ancient times. This leaves only the Jews and the gnostics as those who denied Jesus was Messiah come in the flesh.

Yet, in this clear and pointed description of antichrist, is the basic doctrine that Jesus as Messiah must be denied and blasphemed. This one factor of identity comes through loud and clear in the Babylonian Talmud. And before the accusation of *antichrist* can be hurled at anyone else it must first be lodged against all unbelieving Jews especially those who embrace the Talmud.

Within the Talmud is identified the Great Whore of Mystery Babylon. That this unbelieving Israel who supports and promotes the Babylonian Talmud are Jews, is confessed in the contents of the book. That this Israel is the divorced ex-wife of God, is proven by Jeremiah 3:8. That apostate Israel was called a whore-wife of God is documented in the Scriptures in so many places and in so many ways, that to deny it, makes the one denying it a blatant liar. Israel is the Whore of Babylon and the Talmud exposes this to any honest researcher of the prophetic verses in Scripture. The question is not, is Israel the Great Whore and Mystery Babylon, but what role does the Catholic Church and Islam, her two admitted daughters, play in the events of the endtime preceding the second coming of Jesus Messiah?

It is my opinion that the Pope and all of Catholicism, including Protestant Catholicism, will become false prophets for this revived beast system that had a wound by a sword (the head or Temple Mount) and yet did live in 1948.

By false prophets, I mean these groups will become the voices to convince the world that apostate Israel is the legitimate heir of Abraham's Promises and Covenants and that she can obtain eternal salvation without need of faith or salvation through the blood of the New Covenant. This heresy is already being prophesied by Catholics and her Protestant daughters.

These false prophets will declare that Israel and the Jews do not need Jesus Messiah to be saved, they can be saved by revived law-keeping, animal blood sacrifices, and a revived priesthood.

These will claim that a new rip-proof vail can be hung back up and that God will join back together again what he divided asunder when Jesus was nailed to the Cross.

These false prophets will come forth preaching observance of the Law either by necessity or free-will, and allege that this Noahide conversion is what Jesus Messiah planned all along as a means for Gentiles to be added to Old Testament Israel and keep the Law (Old Torah).

These will lie to the world and teach that the New Covenant is not the New Covenant Jesus taught that the Communion Cup was to symbolize. They will go forth teaching that the New Covenant was postponed until the Millennial. They will enter into houses and lead silly women captive with the doctrine that the Gospel of Grace is not the Gospel of the Kingdom. They will deceive millions that the Kingdom did not come on the Day of Pentecost. And we would simply say these are all lies.


-Jewish and  Gentile Christians opposing this Babylonian new world order, will be marked as Jew haters; antisemites; arrested for alleged hate crimes; lose their jobs, homes and property; be put in prison; and some will be killed.  It is not if, .........but WHEN?  The Iscarri will arise again under some new name but whose purpose and plans are the same:  blot out Jesus Messiah and all who follow him!

-The coming Antichrist will be the supreme Iscarri as he sits in the grand *lodge* and then in the Temple in Jerusalem as God, and orders the deaths of millions who refuse to take an anti-Jesus mark. Antichrist and hatred against Messiah and the Saints will increase.

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The Christian of today is bombarded from all sides with reference to our "Judaeo-Christian Heritage," our "Judaeo-Christian Civilization," and the "brotherhood" which should prevail, presumably, between Christian and Talmudic Judaism. Such propaganda could only succeed if one is in ignorance as to the nature of the Talmud and the total antagonism between present-day Judaism and Christianity which necessarily must exist.

Over the centuries and right up to the present century, there was not such ignorance of Talmudic precepts. The truth as it was repeatedly revealed, caused it and its adherents to be reviled, and justly so.

It is indeed strange that the Bulls of the Popes over the many centuries, warning against the Jews, should be seemingly unknown to the Catholic clergy today, and that the writings of Luther, which generally are like almost a second gospel to Protestants of the Lutheran fold, should be equally unknown on this subject today!

The first English translation of the Babylonian Talmud was in 1903 by Rodkinson (real name — M. Levi Frumkin), and was edited by Rabbi Isaac M. Wise, "Father" of so-called "Reform Judaism." Rodkinson deleted much of the filth which is in the unexpurgated Talmud, and used no identifying folio numbers, as were in the original, but nevertheless, even this abridged translation proved very revealing. The Introduction states: (See Exhibit 9):


The reason for this Pharisee revolt is told by Rodkinson in his History of the Talmud:

One of the causes of the great revolt against the Romans at this time was the prohibition by the Roman government of the study of the Torah [Talmud] … they rebelled, led by Bar Kochba. Rabbi Aqiba (Akiba) was the first to become his adherent, who journeyed from town to town, inciting the Israelites to rebel … It is not surprising, therefore, that Hadrian was not contented barely with the massacre of the sages of the Talmud, but was intent also on the destruction of the Talmud itself … he decreed that if any of the old rabbis should qualify a young rabbi … both should be put to death … believing that with the death of the elder generation the Talmud would be forgotten and Israel would blend with the nations and its memory be obliterated; because he very well knew that as long as the Talmud existed there was little hope for the assimilation of the Jews with other nations. This decree however, was not executed … the efforts of Hadrian met with no success … He saw the Talmud still existing … uniting Israel into one people, and establishing it still more firmly as a national and religious whole … the Talmud regained its former power and influence. (Emphasis supplied)


Luther states:

They are the real liars and bloodhounds, who have perverted and falsified the entire Scriptures from beginning to end without ceasing, with their interpretations … O, how they love that book of Esther, which so nicely agrees with their revengeful people — they who imagine themselves to be the people of God, who desire to think they must murder and crush the heathen … As they at first demonstrated against us Christians and would like to do so now, if only they could …

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"The Synagogue of Satan are an occult power elite which, having rejected Jesus Christ as the Messiah of Israel, conspire to substitute another messiah made in the image of their master, Satan, and to establish a world kingdom under Satan. The Synagogue of Satan claims Jewish descent, but does not fit God's definition of a Jew, either in the Old Testament or the New: “But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.” (Romans 2:29)  Read more