As a former Roman Catholic I truly appreciate who the REAL Jesus Christ is now more than ever, and I will continue to preach the truth until Jesus comes. What a grand deliverance it is, to know that I do not need to go through an earthly Priest to have my sins forgiven at a confessional booth, or by attending a Roman Catholic Mass. When I think back to all of the years that I spent in the system of Roman Catholicism, and all of the man-made traditions that I endured it is kind of scary. But it works for the good, because I know that I serve an AMAZING God, who was able to pull me out of that darkness into His marvelous light. (1 Peter 2:9-10)

As I look back to the mid 1980’s and all of the Catholic Charismatic Healing Masses that I attended, I remember the Catholic Rosary being prayed continuously during the healing time of the Mass. Mary is such a great stronghold for millions of Catholics, and I liken that to the stronghold of “Diana of the Ephesians” which is written about in Acts 19:21-41. The apostle Paul preached against the idolatry in that city and the place went wild. It can be very exciting to hear and read about supernatural happenings, and that’s what got my attention with the apparitions (appearances) of “Mary” at Medugorje, Yugoslavia. During the time that Cathy and I were in the Catholic Charismatic movement, the Apparitions of Mary at Yugoslavia were pretty popular, and many people were making the trip there to see what was happening. We had met a couple of different people who told us that the gold chain on their Rosary beads changed from a silver color to a golden color, after their visit there. One kind lady told us that she saw a spectacular vision, as she looked into the Sun, and she described it in great detail.

But then Jesus Christ came to the rescue, and the Lord opened up our eyes by His Spirit, and through the truth of the scriptures, He brought us out of that great deception. I must say at this point that many people make the fatal mistake of never studying the Word of God (Bible) for themselves, because if they did, then things would be different. I had a decision to make regarding the messages at Medugorje. When I examined the Bible (the scriptures) I saw that the messages that “Mary” was giving was in direct contradiction to the message of the Bible. You see the Bible puts it’s focus on Jesus Christ and the redemption of souls. When you read the Old Covenant (Testament) you will see many types and shadows, as well as numerous prophecies pointing you to Jesus Christ. It is not about Mary at all.

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Matteus 25:41 Sedan skall han säga till dem som står på den vänstra sidan: Gå bort ifrån mig, ni förbannade, till den eviga elden som är beredd åt djävulen och hans änglar


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Catholic church: Don't need no bible just bow to Baal  
2 Kings 17:16; 1Cor. 6:9-10]