In this teaching video Guy Malone and I do a fresh examination of the Book of Enoch, debunking the text to show where it contradicts the Holy Bible in places. This video visually presents some of what I teach about the story of Genesis 6 and the imprisonment of the sinning sons of God in the Abyss, the nephilim, biblical multiplication and paternal spiritual lineage, the fallen angel Abaddon, and the alien deception, along with the analysis of First Enoch.

Below, you can read the transcript of the video – or you can download it (with pictures) in the Word document The Case Against the Book of First Enoch.

The Case Against the Book of First Enoch

Hi I’m Guy Malone – and I’m Paradox Brown – and we are both known in the past as proponents, to one extent or another, of The Book of 1st Enoch, and of accepting it as probably inspired by God, and to some extent possibly useful for doctrine.

In fact in 2004 I myself publicly presented a lecture entitled “The Case for Enoch” at the Ancient of Days conference held in Roswell New Mexico, and many of you who may have an interest in this updated teaching may have either since seen the lecture on YouTube or on DVD – OR have perhaps read the article I authored on, way back in 2001.

In the past, Paradox argued only for the first 16 chapters of Enoch, never accepting the rest of the text, as seen in the first print of “A Modern Guide to Demons and Fallen Angels” in 2008.

We are researchers, after the truth. When you are doing research, you construct theories. A theory is something which may have to be revised or abandoned if new information and understanding shows the theory to be flawed. Years ago, the theory was that Enoch might be inspired, or should be canon, in whole or in part, and that it should be treated as such. But new understanding and information has shown this theory to be flawed. That information and understanding is what we are going to present to you today.

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