As a former Catholic, I am appalled at what I am learning in my examination of the history of the Roman church over the past centuries. It is becoming clearer to me why so many of the theologians who came out of the Protestant Reformation believed that the antichrist spoken of in the book of Revelation is actually the Papacy itself.

Not only is there a long history of persecution of Christians, including burning “heretics” at the stake, the Inquisition, and countless atrocities over the centuries, but even today the Vatican itself continues to attack biblical principles in a manner that is truly frightening.

Please take the time to listen to this Youtube, and I am certain you will be as shocked as I was. William Mencarow and Richard Bennett are very credible, down-to-earth Christians, and both are former Catholics. William is a current Reformation Church pastor, while Richard is a former Catholic priest. They are not conspiracy theorists, modern-day prophets, or anything of the kind. They are conservative Reformed theologians from whom I have benefitted greatly in my understanding of church history as it relates to biblical truth.

In this video, you will see in the words of the Vatican itself, how the agenda of the Catholic Church is to move all nations toward becoming socialist states which would make Marx and Lenin proud.