America is being assimilated into the New World Order to make way for the One World Government through United Nations policy / U.N. Agenda 21.

If you want a better understanding about what’s being left out of news reports regarding the illegal alien crisis, and you want the TRUTH, keep reading.  What we see the media blocking out is THIS STATUTE FROM THE UNITED NATIONS.  It’s a resolution from the United Nations’ General Assembly 428 (V) of 14 December 1950 and discusses the duties and responsibilities of the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR).  UNHCR’s headquarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland.  The High Commissioner has appointed representatives and correspondents in approximately 125 countries throughout the world.

We highly suggest that you print the 16-page U.N. statute hyperlinked above so you can use it to help follow what’s going on in the United States and around the world.  The plan has been very carefully orchestrated FOR DECADES… and possibly longer.  It appears that U.N. law trumps state law, federal immigration law, and our U.S. Constitution – thus implementing U.N. Agenda 21!

The End Game Plan of the World Elitists is to eliminate ALL BORDERS and strengthen the One World Government / New World Order (NWO), thus destroying state and national sovereignty.  The reason why we don’t have a border crisis right now is because our borders are being abolished.  We’ve been talking about this problem for YEARS.

The media is calling it a humanitarian crisis, and the U.N. is involved because the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner appeals to governments of the world for funding and for consulting the governments of the countries for appointing representatives.    From the U.N. statute:

16. The High Commissioner shall consult the Government of the countries of residence of refugees as to the need for appointing representatives therein.

(This will cause more unelected, international, collectivist bureaucrats to gain power and control.)  The High Commissioner reports annually to the U.N. General Assembly regarding refugees, but we believe U.N. involvement is promoting social unrest throughout the world because of all of this.

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Ovan en artikel från 2014 men lika aktuell.

Alla strävar de efter att sätta sin man på tronen - honom de efterlängtat länge.

"Mannen" är Antikrist vilken är totalt besatt av Satan och gör hans vilja.

Naturligtvis har sanningens bok förutsagt detta bl.a. i Daniels bok och i Uppenbarelseboken.

Men världen är blind och politikerna är små puppets på världsscenen!

Uppenbarelseboken 13:16-18 "Och det tvingar alla – små och stora, rika och fattiga, fria och slavar – att ta emot ett märke på högra handen eller pannan, så att ingen kan köpa eller sälja utom den som har märket, vilddjurets namn eller dess namns tal. Här krävs vishet. Den som har förstånd ska räkna ut vilddjurets tal, för det är en människas tal. Och dess tal är 666."