By William Saunders

July 30 - As I was reading John 16:2 and saw how Jesus (Yeshua) said to His disciples “They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service”, I realized in the 26+ years I have been a follower of Messiah, I never once heard any sort of message on the “Doctrine of Christian Persecution” or “Doctrine of Christian Murdering”.

There are other verses where Jesus states similar things such as –

Matthew 24:9 – Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for My name’s sake.

These are “promises” given by Jesus to His followers and we can see these promises being fulfilled in other parts of the world right now.

My guess why American Evangelical Christians have never heard such a message is either the pastor believes it’s unnecessary to preach living in America where there has been no persecution or the pastor believes it’s too negative to preach on.

Both reasons are invalid because it prevents the body from receiving the whole counsel of God.

However, these promises given by Jesus are universal. They can’t be taken that they were just meant for a certain group of people back when Jesus was actually speaking those words.

So, for those American Christians who have never heard a message on theDoctrine of Christian Persecution” or “Doctrine of Christian Murdering” with the intent of it being applied to American Christians, this is it.

The “Doctrine of Christian Persecution” or “Doctrine of Christian Murdering” are DOCTRINAL because Jesus promised it and the Holy Spirit spoke through Luke in the book of Acts and others in the New Testament.

As we gave scripture of the promises given by Jesus of you receiving persecution and/or being murdered for your faith in Jesus, it will happen. Eventually it will happen. It’s a promise.

Eventually American Christians will be persecuted and murdered for their faith in Jesus Christ. It’s going to happen. Again, it’s a promise.

There are many American Christians that believe they will be “raptured” before they get murdered or physically harmed for their faith in Jesus. This is what many American Evangelical churches teach today.

The problem with this exclusive American Christian “rapture” is it doesn’t explain why Christians have been and are being murdered now for their faith in other parts of the world.

Why do American Christians escape any sort of physical suffering while other Christians are being slaughtered? It can’t be because they are Americans which is probably the most self-indulgent society on the planet.

Where does it explain in the Bible how American Christians are excluded from being murdered for their faith in Jesus and somehow get raptured away before any American Christians get murdered?



Are Christians worldwide spiritually ready to pray for their killers while they are being killed?

We realized something after writing the last article on Rabbinic Judaism being anti-Semitic against Christianity, combined with prophecy concerning Christians being beheaded for their faith, and the current beheading being carried out by ISIS and/or the fast growing international Jewish Noahide Law that calls for Christians to be decapitated.

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They are clueless about the Jewish Noahide Laws.

They are all told to watch out for the Islamic Sharia Law, but not one clue about the Jewish Noahide Laws.