False “Freedom” vs. True Freedom

The Farce of Freedom Day, PDF format

April 27 is celebrated as “Freedom Day” in South Africa.  On this day in 1994, the country held the elections that brought the African National Congress/South African Communist Party alliance (ANC/SACP) to power, with Nelson Mandela becoming president.  And ever since then, this date has been observed as “Freedom Day”.

  Freedom Day?  It is a joke, a farce, a horrible mockery of true freedom.  The ANC/SACP alliance did not bring freedom to this country, but bondage. 

  What freedom do South Africans supposedly enjoy today?  Yes, all are free to vote; they are free to go where they like within the country; they are free to live where they please; to pursue any careers they please (in theory); to live as they please (again, in theory).  But they live behind high fences covered in razor wire, with burglar bars over every window and security gates at every door, paying for armed response from private security companies when criminals break into their homes because the police are stretched too thin, often corrupt, and often incompetent.  Is this true freedom?  Are they so dumbed down that they can actually apply that lovely word, “freedom”, to such a way of life?  All decent citizens are living behind bars in a giant prison, while armed and dangerous criminals – murderers, rapists, torturers – roam freely in the streets.  The criminals are free, the law-abiding are prisoners.  This is not true freedom, unless it be the freedom of the prison cell.

  What good is the freedom to vote if you have to live behind locked and bolted doors, your children unable to play in their own yards (never mind in the streets) without being in danger?  What good is it to be free to earn big salaries, when you are in constant danger of losing your money or possessions through house invasions, ATM attacks, car hijackings, and a thousand and one other ways?  Are you able to rejoice in your so-called “freedom” when your wife has been raped, or your elderly parents have been brutally murdered in their beds?  This is the “freedom” which the ruling Socialists and Marxists have bequeathed to the country, but they have lied to the populace.  This is not freedom, it is slavery: bondage to Marxist masters, and imprisonment within a countrywide criminal haven where it is unsafe for law-abiding citizens of any race to sleep peacefully, travel safely, or truly enjoy the fruits of their labours.

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Damaging Monuments to White South African History

It started at the University of Cape Town on March 9, 2015, with the statue of Cecil John Rhodes, the mighty British Imperialist, founder of Rhodesia, and a man whose shadow looms large over all of southern Africa.  A black student named Chumani Maxwele was at the forefront of it all, as he and a handful of other students doused the statue of Rhodes in human excrement.

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