Literally tens of thousands of deliverance ministries market their services on the Internet. People flock to deliverance services to find freedom from the demonic influences in their lives. Demons are being cast out right and left. But is all of this biblical or is it merely another wild goose chase used by Satan to keep our focus off of Jesus?

The basic premise of deliverance ministries is that Christians need to be delivered from demonic influences. Their theory is that it is demons that are behind our inability to stop certain sins, and in order to be free from these sins, we need to cast out the demons that are causing them.

Next to psychology, deliverance ministries are often the place people turn when they are having difficulties in their lives today. Those who get involved in these types of ministries are usually new Christians or those who have little training or understanding of the Bible. The ministries themselves are always earmarked by a strong reliance on the experiences of the “deliverance warriors” instead of a sound, biblical exegesis. We must always be willing to give up our own experiences if they contradict the biblical truth. A study of the Bible can soon reveal the false foundation upon which these ministries are based.

The first thing we must be certain of is from what exactly salvation saved us. Were we merely given “fire insurance” to save us from hell or was there something deeper that occurred when our soul moved from unsaved to saved? If we look at examples of conversion in the Bible, we see that the changes that occurred were dramatic and immediate, especially those who were demon-possessed. And in each of these cases, the change was permanent. We are never told of one instance where a healing was done more than once because its effect did not last.

Saying that our salvation was incomplete (we were not totally freed from the power of Satan) is saying the same thing Catholics do in regards to purgatory. [1] From this way of thinking, Jesus was surely misquoted on the cross because in reality He must have meant, “It is almost finished.” Human nature wants desperately to add more to what Christ already finished on the cross. It is almost impossible for us to accept the pure and simple grace He offers us without our desire to add a human element to it.

Denying the Completion of Our Salvation

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På förekommen anledning vill jag varna för en pastor i Sacramento USA som heter John S. Torell. Hans hemsida är eaec.

Han menar sig ha en "deliverance ministry".

Om du läst artikeln ovan, så ser du det obibliska i en sådan så kallad "ministry".

Lät dig inte luras av dessa obibliska  (falska?) kristna som utför det de kallar för "deliverance" - dessa  som ofta är pastorer - som lär utifrån sitt eget hjärta istället för att följa Bibelns ord!

John S Torell gör om intet Guds ord och menar att det Jesus gjorde på korset inte var tillräckligt!

Torell säger sig ha varit en kristen i över femtio år, men kan fortfarande inte förstå vad Jesus död på korset handlar om!

(Torell vill inte lyssna på tillrättavisning).


Häromdagen lade jag in denna artikel och varnade för en annan av dessa `deliverance ministry´: "Exorcisten" Bob Larson