The Blackest Black: The International Space Station (so called) is Distorting Reality by Jeremy James

International Space Station (ISS) – Isis in central London –– ISIS in Syria – Isis in ancient Egypt.

We live in an age when fewer and fewer people seen to be capable of rational thought. Most are content to imbibe the artificial reality created by television and science fiction movies, such as Star Trek or Star Wars, both of which are utterly nonsensical.

The problem with fictional portrayals of reality is that, if we view them for too long, we have difficulty telling where reality ends and fiction begins. It also takes greater effort to do so, especially when the fictional portrayals are steadily growing in complexity and sophistication. As the leading edge of reality becomes increasingly blurred, there is a greater willingness to believe something that no rational person would have accepted even fifty years ago, despite the alleged scientific evidence.

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