Rev. James C. Gallagher

The Israel of God Part 8 of 8 - Mystery Babylon is Jerusalem, not Rome

The True Israel of God: Part 1   all parts here

"The Bible defines Israel differently than Zionism does: Israel is the assembly of all believers, Jew and Gentile, called by God to share in the inheritance promised to Abraham, one body united by faith in the promised son, the Messiah, Jesus Christ. The modern nation of Israel has no positive religious value, and is not sanctioned by Biblical doctrine, since the New Covenant has been ratified and Jesus Christ has taken possession of the throne of Glory." Read more!


The true mount Sion are those who belong to Jesus the Messiah!

"Dispensationalism polluted seminaries and pulpits in furtherance of the global Zionist agenda. " Read more!

Without Jesus of the Bible - you will go to HELL!