One thing in studying the interfaith movement all these years, almost every group is being brought into the antichrist fold of global spirituality, one world religion and one world government. There is nothing wrong with desiring to "help the world" but when it is used as a "smokescreen" for false global unity, that is a major problem. Something was needed to unify the evangelicals worldwide and bring them into the new world order. With endless associated groups and connected parachurch organizations, Lausanne is one of those organizations that has filled that endeavor since 1974. One Lausanne connected group has had the participation of Calvary Chapel pastors as well. Billy Graham is the founder of Lausanne. Lausanne, with its ecumenical themes for evangelicals definitely is advancing the Vatican II and one world religion aims of the Roman Catholic church and globalist elite.

The story of Lausanne begins with Rev. Billy Graham. A powerful preacher, Graham quickly rose to prominence in the 1940’s and 50’s to become America’s foremost evangelist. As he began preaching internationally, Graham developed a passion to “unite all evangelicals in the common task of the total evangelization of the world.”

In 1966 the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, in partnership with America’s Christianity Today magazine, sponsored the World Congress on Evangelism in Berlin. The Congress brought together 1,200 delegates from over 100 countries and inspired a number of follow-up conferences in places such as Singapore and Bogotá.

Just a few years later, Graham perceived the need for a larger, more diverse congress to reframe the Christian mission of evangelization in a world rife with social, political, economic, and religious upheaval. He shared this idea with 100 world Christian leaders, and the affirmation of the need for such a Congress was overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

The official "covenant" of this group is of interest as well. Its advancement [section 5] of the false social justice gospel [this time in global rather then national form] speaks for itself. Do not let the nice words and phrase "World Evangelization" fool you, their aim is to water down and twist the true gospel of Jesus Christ and advance false world evangelization as warned about by Al Dager in this series of articles warning about the "World Christian Movement".

-If your pastor or church is part of Lausanne or associated with an associated group, please be wary, (emph. alertsweden)

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Lausannerörelsen - Lausannedeklarationen och Billy Graham

Exempel på svensk kristenhets avfällighet och falska tro.

På denna video ser du några av Antikrists representanter.

9. Var och en som så går framåt, att han inte förbliver i Kristi
lära, han har inte Gud; den som förbliver i den läran, han har
både Fadern och Sonen. 10. Om någon kommer till er och inte har den läran med sig, så ta inte emot honom i era hus, och hälsa honom inte. 11. Ty den som hälsar honom, han gör sig delaktig i hans onda gärningar. 2 Joh. 9-11

Billy Graham startade Lausannerörelsen och ändå vill "kristna" i Sverige tillhöra denna antikristliga rörelse!

Blindheten är TOTAL!

Gå ut ifrån dem och skilj er ifrån dem, säger Herren; kom inte vid det orent är. Då skall jag ta emot er 18. och vara en Fader för er; och ni ska vara mina söner och döttrar, säger Herren, den Allsmäktige. 2 Kor. 6:17

Det betyder om du inte skiljer dig ifrån dem ska Gud INTE ta emot dig!

Kan det vara tydligare?


Billy Graham is a Great Deceiver


If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him Godspeed. For he that biddeth him Godspeed is partaker of his evil deeds" (II John vs 10-11).