The Lie of God’s Blessing vs The Truth

Carlsbad, CA September 5 – We have recently discovered by just looking at the timeline from 1948 to 2015, there has been no “God’s Blessing” on America since America started supporting Israel. We have been told we are “blessed” but when we look at the result, there is no blessing but rather something closer to a cursing.

The misapplication of Genesis 12:3 a the foundation of the lie

There has been a purposeful misapplication campaign to convince American Christians that the Old Testament Bible scripture Genesis 12:3 into supporting Israel.

Christians have been seduced into thinking that if America supports Israel, America will receive a “blessing” in return.

Here is the lie below misapplied to America –

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Genesis 12:3 –And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

In essence, if America gives something to Israel, America will be “blessed by God”. It’s the same seductive “give to get” strategy employed by many phony TV evangelists where they will say something like “If you give to us you will blessed ‘tenfold’“. So if one gives $1, they will receive $10.

The DOCUMENTED PROOF America has not been “Blessed” since 1948

Since 1948 America has –

  • The U.S. began supporting Israel in 1948, it was right after that when the CIA began it’s decades long administration of LSD to unaware Americans, is that God “blessing” a nation?


Americans have been lied to spiritually since 1948 and it was their own lusts that accepted that lie.

There is no “Blessing from God” by supporting Israel, the proof is the in result we see now. This exposes the misapplication of Genesis 12:3 by the Christian Zionists that have been seduced by their own lusts.

Is all that we see right now a “Blessing“? Really??

Wake up American Christians that have believed a misapplication of scripture that seduced your flesh.

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