Papua New Guinea became a separate Commonwealth realm with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II reigning as the Queen.

Originally from Belleville, PA, Mark Zook and his wife spent 14 years in Papua New Guinea working among the Mouk tribal people. The following video is about how they brought tribesmen from sorcery and deceit to a life-changing understanding of what Christ did for them.

New Tribes Mission, the evangelical mission agency they were accepted by, focuses on teaching through the Scriptures chronologically. They spent months teaching the Mouk about their place in the world and the history of God’s work in the world beginning with creation. NTM missionaries typically begin with the Genesis account of creation and follow the storyline of the Bible through to the story of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the New Testament. By this approach, cultures that have no exposure to biblical teaching, are able to gain solid grounding on foundational principles of the Old Testament before they are introduced to the New Testament Gospel

Papua New Guinea is located near Australia

The mission's focus is on groups where no translation of the Bible exists.When such a group is identified, NTM first attempts to make contact and establish a relationship. Then, missionaries are sent to learn the language and culture of the native people, while further developing relationships and providing humanitarian aid. The missionaries translate biblical literature into the indigenous language, as well as teach natives how to read and write in their own language.

Although the New Tribes Mission is presenting the Gospel to the lost world, they don't come without controversy. As to not detract from the video and the work done in Papua New Guinea, you can follow the link to see the examples. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon to mission agencies.

The video does move very slowly through the details, but will pick up about halfway through the first clip. If you can deal with that, you will be blessed.

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A wonderful story!