by Robert Pye

Many Christians have heard of the New Age Movement but are unclear about its philosophyand its purpose. They don’t understand that the various cults and ‘isms’ which have beencreated in the past fifty years or so have been established as part of a plan to draw peopleaway from Christianity.


This plan is well-funded and carefully co-ordinated by generational  families and occult groups. They are trying to undermine and destroy the remnants of true Christianity in the world today and bring about a New World Order. A major goal of the New World Order confederacy is the creation of a One World Religion.


This will likely have some semblance of Christianity but will be antichrist in spirit and substance. If one is to understand the dangers posed by the New Age movement, it is vital that everyborn-again Christian be able to recognise the countless ways in which New Age ideas are infiltrating modern thought and culture.


It is happening so subtly and in so many guises that it is difficult to address effectively unless one understands the mentality behind it. In this paper I will describe the main elements in the New Age philosophy and where they are leading. Please bear in mind that every one of the beliefs in the ‘New Age Deception’ section(below) are false. They are utterly unbiblical and poison of the worst kind.


I feel it is necessary to say this since some New Age beliefs can actually seem quite plausible if one comes upon them in a new or unfamiliar setting. For example, some Christian leaders and pastors have recommended the movie, Avatar, without realizing that it is intensely  New Age and filled from start to finish with Luciferian philosophy.


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