NAR Churches and Organizations

Many people will not recognize this movement by its formal name -- the "New Apostolic Reformation" -- including even many of the movement's participants. The lack of name recognition can be explained, in large part, because the movement is not governed by one official denomination or organization.

Rather, the New Apostolic Reformation is made up of hundreds of churches and organizations that are led by apostles and prophets who share a distinct theology. Many of these churches and organizations have joined "apostolic networks." These apostolic networks are made up of, in some cases, hundreds of churches and organizations that submit to the leadership of a single apostle, such as Harvest International Ministry--a network of over 12,000 churches and organizations under NAR apostle Ché Ahn.

Despite its lack of name recognition, the movement's growth is staggering. The NAR movement is responsible for much of the explosive church growth occurring in Africa, Asia and Latin America.2 Leaders of many of the world's biggest churches promote present-day apostles and prophets, including (Yoido Full Gospel Church in South Korea with one million people), E.A. Adeboye (Redeemed Christian Church of God in Nigeria with five million people), Sunday Adelaja (Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations in Ukraine with 20,000 people), and César Castellanos (International Charismatic Mission in Columbia with 60,000 people).

Though the NAR movement has seen the most growth in the Global South3, it has also gained considerable influence in the West. In Australia, the NAR movement has taken over an entire denomination, the Assemblies of God in Australia.4 In the United States, approximately three million people attend NAR churches -- that is, churches that overtly embrace NAR teachings.5

Influential NAR churches in the United States include Bethel Church in Redding, California (pastored by apostle Bill Johnson), Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California (pastored by apostle Ché Ahn), and MorningStar Fellowship Church in Charlotte, North Carolina (pastored by apostle/prophet Rick Joyner). In fact, NAR churches can be found across the United States, in virtually every large city and small town.

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Här Rick Joyner en "NAR-profet" i full Jesuit Knights of Malta mundering:

(Glömt namnet på den andre falske låtsaskristne personen)

Och här Ulf Ekman även han i Jesuit Knights of Malta mundering

Falska profeter som t.e.x. David Yonggi Cho  och Bill Johnson välkomnas av bl.a. Elsborgskyrkan  (Lugnetkyrkan) i Falun och av Livets Ord i Uppsala och säkert av de flesta så kallade kyrkor i Sverige.

Att svenska pastorer och präster och de som kallade sig kristna ledare strömmade till Todd Bentleys  möten - en annan NARs predikant - är väl känt.