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writing about themselves, “the Stockholm Brain Institute” KTH, KI, SBI,.

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Stockholm Brain Institute (SBI)

stockholm brain institute

Better and more accurate, you can not describe it! This newsletter is from Stockholm Sience City, they explain exactly how the criminal and murderous research has been, is now happening and will happen in years to come.

This document is of such importance and means so much that it feels utmost certainty that any reader really understands. Therefore I decided to add your own comments, in bold, just to really emphasize some very important facts that otherwise might not be perceived because of the conscious way to write on. Because sometimes you have to first read between the lines and partly to know what the topic is about.

In this information letter in fact allows the SSCI (and guaranteed to SBI great displeasure) that conducting illegal experiments on humans without their consent, which in fact is so dangerous that it kills!

Brain Tech

Stockholm Brain Institute – an interdisciplinary project

By integrating world-class expertise in cognition, computational neuroscience and the Stockholm Brain Institute (SBI) to enhance its understanding of the brain. Mainly the focus is on the interaction of brain activity, emotion and memory. It will among other things lead to greater understanding of the mechanisms behind, and in the long run better prevention and treatment of, diseases such as ADHD, dementia and schizophrenia. In order to do research on the brain and all its five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch ) PLUS emotion and memory, researchers need to do it for people who live in everyday life. It is NOT to do it for people who are in an fMRI camera. And as brain implants are not yet free of bugs exposed these people to a nearly unbearable pain that they must live with at all hours.Many can not cope with the pressure experiments involved and where the final trials actually lead to their death, or are themselves seen as the only way out, namely to commit suicide.

SBI collector of scientists from the Karolinska Institutet (KI), KTH and Stockholm University who also liaises with the Karolinska University Hospital, CogMed, AstraZeneca, IBM, Elektra, Carlson Research, and several smaller companies. SBI is coordinated by Professor Hans Forsberg and Professor Martin Ingvar from Karolinska Institutet. Stockholm Brain Institute, or SBI, has indeed a wide cooperation with many private companies, of which you can see the names of a few above. Also note that the writing on the initiative of scientists, not ten people! Consider also that they work with computer companies, pharmaceutical companies, software companies, etc. It is important to understand this, because when victims have been selected, they are usually at a hospital, the two most common in Sweden’s Karolinska Institute and Stockholm Söder Hospital. Where drugs and the implants introduced via a conventional syringe. Once it is done start the victims ‘hell and the researchers’ wet dream, to see and experience everything a man does in real time, not just a day or week, but to their death!

stockholm brain institute

“This is an important step towards increased collaboration between the expertise of three universities,” says Professor Forsberg. “High level of competence, the intense research environment and advanced technologies available to us gives us a new context for understanding how the brain processes cognitive information.”

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Are you a Robosapiens ???

Hello, Wellcom !

Those who know something about frequencies and nano-micro-wave-implant techniques already surely know what one has for possibilities to control. Through this, every computer is connected to the new “internet-elen”, so in principle all, absolutely all are in danger zone for attack.

mind control europe


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Our lives are becoming completely dominated by technology, and that is a very dangerous thing.