Is your church shifting into becoming NAR apostate? It could be, and your leaders might not even be aware.

The New Apostolic Reformation, or NAR, is a counterfeit, unbiblical movement that has been gaining worldwide momentum. Its anointed celebrity leaders, meanwhile, are scurrying to distance themselves from the “NAR” label (invented by NAR founder C. Peter Wagner), especially now that discernment reporters have been shining the light of Scripture and the sheep have begun to take notice.

How does a Christian recognize the red flags if their leaders deny being associated or affiliated with the more recognizable founders and celebrity leaders?  There are 6 distinct traits that characterize NAR’s core teachings, even if leaders or churches deny they have anything to do with the NAR brand.

First, you need to understand that NAR isn’t an official organization, nor can it be characterized by a common creed. It is instead a loosely knit and often unaffiliated network of leaders who share a common vision and goal for the visible Church.  

Supernatural Signs & Wonders; Dominionism; The Latter Rain Movement; Joel's Army; The 7 Mountain Mandate; Third Wave Revivalism; IHOP; Bill Johnson's Bethel Church, The Hillsong Media Empire, these are all a part of this shape-shifting movement in one way or another. It is gobbling up churches and deceiving millions who don’t even know they’ve become a part of an apostate, end-times falling away. (my emph.)

The Six Hallmarks of a NAR Church

Here are those traits, beliefs, and some of the common lingo used by adherents: 

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