. . by Peter Lorden

Are the goyim at last  becoming aware
of their enslavement to the Jews?


When Jewish leaders bewail the dilution of their own kind through
assimilation and “marrying out,” do we call them “racists”? No, we don’t. We agree with that 19th-century English squire who said,“A man should have as much care for his race as he has for his horses.”

What is more natural that that people should care for the preservation of
their own kind and their own culture? Doesn’t one naturally care most
for one’s own family. Isn’t one’s race an extension of one’s family?
To us, nothing seems more essentially evil than the old Bolshevik
dream of crushing all the peoples of the world into an amorphous,
beige-colored “global proletariat” without loyalty to race or faith or

This is why we see nothing wrong with Jewish leaders worrying about
the weakening of the Tribe. But if we don’t call this attitude
“racist,” why do they so readily slap that label on a non-Jew’s
concern for his kind? Why are they not ashamed to do this? Why are
they not troubled by their own hypocrisy? What can be the source of
this contradiction between what Jewish leaders practice and what they
preach to the rest of us?

The answer lies in their religion.

Judaism requires its “true believers” to use a double standard.
That requirement comes from theTalmud, a compendium of
rabbinical utterances dating back some 1,500 years,
which in turn is based upon the Torah (the Pentateuch, the
first five books of the Bible). Jewish writers today maintain that
it’s really the Talmud that is “the heart’s blood” of their religion.

It is, they say, “so sacred that God himself must stand up to read it.” True, the Talmud contains a wealth of wit and wisdom. But it also declared Jews to be the only human beings on Earth! All the rest o fus, the Goyim or “cattle,” are classified as animals created only to serve the “Chosen.”

When Kipling wrote of “lesser breeds,” he was not denying the humanity
of other peoples. Only the Talmud does that. Most Jews may not embrace
this brand of racism, but hardline Zionists certainly do. The Talmud
tells them, “Even the best of the Goyim should be killed.” Hard as it
may be for most of us to accept that an outwardly civilized people
could still cherish an ideology so savage, the mass graves scattered
around Palestine and Lebanon speak for themselves.

 “Even the best of the goyim should be killed!” - Rabbi ben Yohai, the Talmud’s most venerated sage

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