2 Tessalonikerna 2:9-11 Den laglöses ankomst är ett verk av Satan och sker med stor kraft, med lögnens alla tecken och under 10. och med alla orättfärdighetens förförelser bland dem som går förlorade, därför att de inte tog emot kärleken till sanningen, så att de kunde bli frälsta. 11. Och på grund av detta ska Gud sända över dem kraftig villfarelse, så att de ska tro lögnen, 12. för att de ska bli dömda, alla de som inte har trott sanningen utan har haft sin glädje i orättfärdigheten.


The Wickedness of the Political-Religious System of the Vatican

In this world that we live in there are millions (billions?) of people who are indeed very religious, but at the same time they are very lost! I was numbered among that group until I was born again of the spirit (John 3:1-8) all the way back in 1989. I did not realize that I was in such bondage to man-made traditions until the Lord opened my eyes by the Holy Spirit. It is simply amazing how the Lord works, and how he is able to save a lost soul such as myself. That is the reason that I speak out so often against the false doctrines of Roman Catholicism, because I was formerly one of the deceived ones, held in the bondage of their man-made traditions. If you take a look at the Vatican you will learn that the Vatican is a political religious system with the Holy See recognized as the official State, with the Pope in charge and they even have their own military, the Swiss Guard! Is there even a hint that the real Jesus Christ had a protective group of soldiers such as the Pope does? Of course not, and that is because the Vatican and the system of Roman Catholicism is not a scripturally based church!

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