"Diverse spiritual traditions co-exist in the world and sometimes even within a single individual. This growing phenomenon calls the Christian faith into question. This was the subject of the second European Pastoral "Assises" which were held at Chant d’Oiseau (Brussels) at the initiative of ""Voies de l’Orient"".

At the crossroad of European culture, of the Christian faith and the spiritual traditions from Asia (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism ...), the options are increasingly open, individual, and unpredictable. It is not rare that the same person, in the course of his life, attaches himself to several philosophical and religious traditions. There is a new and growing phenomenon which is developing before our eyes: an increasing number of our contemporaries refuse to choose one tradition while excluding another: to be (for example) Christian or Hindu."

Eyewitness Reports on the Wild Goose Festival and "MULTIPLE BELONGING"

Video Warning, this man is selling total universalism and one world religion lies. I have posted it as one example of what the people there were taught. "You need Buddha" is one of his comments. This one took me back to UU church where they do the confusion of Satan stuff...THE "WORDS ARE NOT NECESSARY" LIE

"MULTIPLE BELONGING" is a new Emergent church term from what I can gather. It means belonging to multiple religions or churches at once. As I have said Mystery Babylon OVERLAPS. Unitarian Universalists played mix and blend religions too, I knew Wiccans who went to Mass, and Quakers who went to Buddhist temple.



Glenn Beck Preaches The Third Great Awakening at John Hagee's Church

Glenn Beck definitely has been used to bring Mormonism and Evangelicalism together, and it's working isn't it? Of course Glenn Beck and John Hagee are joined together in deceiving people with false Christian Zionism.

Hagee states this...4:53; "The people of Israel are still the apple of God's eye, they are still the chosen people..."your enemies are our fight"

Now do not forget Hagee believes, that Jews are saved [now] under the first covenant and that Jews do not need Jesus for salvation. Talmudic Judaism that denies Jesus Christ is never on Hagee's radar. Hagee in my opinion is a betrayer of the Jewish people and everyone else, leading them away from the true gospel.