chats with church history scholar Dr Benno Zuiddam

Most church fathers treated Genesis as straightforward history. A small minority treated Genesis as allegory. But this was mostly in addition to—not instead—history. This suggests that modern long-age ideas didn’t come from the text, but were imposed on it because of ‘science’.


Dr Benno Zuiddam

Benno Zuiddam is research professor (extraordinary associate) for New Testament Studies, Greek and Church History at the faculty of Theology at North West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa. He has earned doctorates in the fields of the Classics and Theology. Benno also serves with Greenwich School of Theology (UK) as tutor for Ph.D. projects and as a minister with the Presbyterian Church of Australia. He has published in about 10 different peer-reviewed classical and theological journals, and also authored an in-depth study on the authority of the Scriptures in the early Church.

In some churches and theological seminaries, a plain reading of Genesis is ridiculed as ‘simplistic’, and something that ‘no educated Bible scholar would believe.’ However, such claims would have to amuse academic theologian Professor Benno Zuiddam, with two earned doctorates.

Benno was blessed to be raised in a church-going family. But this is no guarantee of saving faith. In his case, Bible reading and the work of the Holy Spirit made all the difference:

“Although God was part of my life since my baptism as a child, by the time I was a teenager I had to start taking serious responsibility for my life choices. Call that conversion if you like. For me it meant turning away from sin, owning what Jesus had done for me, and committing myself to God and his agenda.”

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