Noahide Concision Part II

By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

In the July-August 1991 issue of the Gap, a newsletter published by the Noahide movement, Ernest Easterly, Professor of International Law at Southern University Law Center, made the following statement:

*With further recognition by other nations and international courts, the Seven Noahide Laws should become the cornerstone of a truly civilized international legal order.*

This one statement shows boldly they do not take the act of US Congress to be just a birthday deal.

In the same paper, Rabbi Michael Katz said that: *there were an additional 30 laws that the B'nai Noah (sons of Noah) would be obligated to keep, the transgression of which is punished by execution.*

The entire New Testament is to be replaced by the seven Noahide laws. Salvation in Messiah is totally abolished and it would be a death penalty to witness to another about Calvary or even to believe in Jesus for salvation. In establishing the Noahide Laws, any reference to "the name" of Jesus Messiah and Christianity are to be blotted out of public view in all cities, towns, streets, highways, buildings, schools, and universities.

If any of these bear what may be considered a Christian name, or that of Jesus Messiah, that name must be changed. The focus now is removing BC and AD from religious articles and government documents; removing Crosses where ever possible and especially from along highways where someone was killed; oppose any Christian display on public property; protest prayer in public school for fear a Jewish child will hear a prayer end in the name of Jesus; cast the Bible out of school because it contains the New Testament: if it had only the Old Testament it would be considered antisemetic to throw that out; violation of civil rights to witness to a non-Christian on the job; prayer or mention of Jesus at high school graduations etc. etc., ...but more cleansing of Jesus from the public in coming down the pike.

Christian cleansing, is all about us, and prison camps for the next holocaust are said to already being built on closed down military bases?

Christian cleansing will be publicly approved by the government alleging that certain individuals are a threat to society. Waco and Randy Weaver, may have been staged to gage approval by the public for murderous attacks against those who have a funny religion or who are targeted for extinction. The news media are experts now of creating in the minds of the public *manufactured consent,* to kill men, women, and children, if the right lies are told.

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