"...the men who constitute the "Secret Power" behind national and international affairs were the Illuminati who used Zionism and anti-Semitism; Communism and Fascism; Socialism and selfish Capitalism to further their secret plans to bring about a One World Government which they intended to control in exactly the same way as they had controlled Russia, in the person of Lenin, after October 1917."


"Furthermore, my studies and research convinced me that from the time of Christ right down to the present day, the men who have been the "Secret Power" behind national and international intrigue have always used their wealth illegally to obtain the power and influence to put their secret plots and plans into effect.

They have used usury, bribery, corruption, graft, illegal methods of traffic and trade, slavery, assassinations, wars, revolutions, prostitution, drugs, liquor, and any and every other form of licentiousness and vice to bribe, blackmail, or in other ways force unwilling humans to do their bidding.

These "tools", be they Jew or Gentile, Freemason or otherwise, have been, without exception, liquidated by one method or another, if after serving their purpose, they were considered to know to much."


"The one and only purpose of the Devil is to win the souls of men away from Almighty God."

"They could not move nearer to their totalitarian-materialistic goal without without fomenting wars and revolutions. They must of necessity destroy the civilization founded in accordance with the Divine Plan of Creation before they could impose their evil totalitarian ideology upon the peoples of the world."

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(From page 191 in the Book)