W. B. Howard, Editor of Dispatch magazine, Endtime Ministries (Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia), a sister in Christ, was accidentally invited to attend a special meeting of elites from around the world, where at least one of it's main purposes was to bash "fundamentalist" Christianity. The affair took place in Australia, a land known for strong anti-Creationist, anti-Bible secularism, but in this case, the elites were religious. The name of the meeting was, "The First Religion and Cultural Diversity Conference"(July 1997). Our sister, Ms. Howard, has brought to our attention much of everything which was said against us at one of this conference's workshops, and is making it openly known on the internet through a series of reports. Main segments of the first report will be the bulk of this chapter, giving you verification for what we always knew, that top-level anti-Christian conspiracies have been taking place inside the secret doors of certain opposition. However, by "anti-Christian," I do not mean the conspiracy is opposed to all forms of Christianity, for the Vatican and other Christian bodies had representation, including, to my great surprise, World Vision. We are not talking small-potatoes priests and pastors here, but of Cardinals who may soon run for the office of the pope.

Here, then, with my entries in black text and square brackets, is the report of our sister, who first includes some background information on the affair before launching into the insidious remarks made against those of us who will not compromise our faith.


The three day conference which I attended in Melbourne, [Australia] as a delegate, this July, 28-30, was an experience of a life-time for me! The sheer shock of that gathering is with me day and night - it will take time to come back to "normal." In our own country, political and religious leaders from across the globe, and Australia, gathered to confer on the global intentions of the New Age - the dignitaries in Australia this July were truly remarkable.

MAURICE STRONG, New Age leader who headed the [New World Order] Earth Summit, was in Australia; the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey, was in Melbourne to open the Multicultural Conference; Cardinal Francis Arinze, tipped by many to be the next Pope of the Catholic Church, was at the Religious Conference in Melbourne; The Governor General of Australia, Sir William Deane, was in attendance at The Religion and Cultural Diversity Conference in Melbourne.

Many political big names gathered there also. A profusion of religious leaders came together, Anglican and Catholic Archbishops in purple and scarlet, Buddhists in saffron robes, Islamic leaders, Greek Orthodox priests, Jewish Rabbis, Quaker leaders, World Vision representatives, Salvation Army officers, United Church ministers, the Church of Christ was represented - many others. (A list can be sent of presenters and delegates for those interested...will be On-line soon)

The Australian Multicultural Foundation, executive director, Mr. Hass Dellal, the President/Moderator of the World Council on Religion and Peace, took a lead role in the three day and two night conference. We were given a glamorous cocktail reception at Parliament House on the Monday night!



“No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. ” ~David Spangler of U.N.

As you know Lucifer is Satan - their god!

Psalm 115:8 They that make them are like unto them; so is every one that trusteth in them.

Om du tillhör Jesus är du lik honom - om du tillhör Satan är du lik honom!