Media is scripted. In more ways than one.

The compilation in the start is going viral right now, which shows why old media want to abolish social media – if we couldn't upload a video like that on Youtube or Twitter, we wouldn't be able to show how corrupt they are. Social media is competition that old media doesn't want.

The media hysteria on fake news only serves to push for a destruction of social media in its current state. The endgame is to force Youtube and Facebook to get publishers, which decide what's allowed on their platforms. In that moment they've essentially done away with social media and returned to the "old way" of things – where a monopoly gets to control what voices are allowed to be Heard.

Sinclair broadcast group is the largest owner of TV stations in the US, currently operating 173 stations:

Sharyl Attkisson on Astroturfing – fake grassroots:

Her Ted talk can be found here:

Udo Ulfkotte on journalists being controlled by government agencies:

The movie near the end is Network (1976)

Other examples of media scripting:



350 tidningar fördömer Donald Trumps ”smutsiga krig” mot journalistiken

"Nära 350 amerikanska tidningar deltar på torsdagen i koordinerad aktion för att belysa värdet av den fria journalistiken."

OBS!! Donald Trump är på satansdyrkarnas sida!

Donald Trump is a globalist and therefor is on the same side as the globalist media!

All is staged by the "elite" and their puppets like Trump, media and journalists.

Trump to Netanyahu: Palestinians Must be Completely Conquered

"Trump has now officially placed the United States on the side of Israel’s Jews, for them to conquer and subdue Palestine, for Jews to rule over Palestinians, and for the residents in Palestine not to be allowed to participate in Israel’s elections."

Israel - US High Tech Parasite

"Their Rothschild backers place their agents in key positions of our government and industries, where they proceed to infiltrate and divert American technology to Israel."

"Essentially, Israel runs the national security state. Israeli companies can spy on you. Where did they get the capability to become world leaders in the technology sector? The United States."


Antichrist is coming: Revelation 13 and 14!