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Genetic Genocide: How misused Science Threatens Life

The problem with genetic modification of plants, animals and plants; cloning and splicing genes is not its existence, but the results of this unregulated practice.


If you are partially or totally ignorant about genetically modified products, I will not blame you. In 15 years of research I have not been able to get a significant grasp on what genetically engineering humans, fish, soy, corn, milk and other products could mean for humankind.

When I set out to write this article my first challenge was how to present the information in a concise, yet shocking enough to wake up people who still believe that cloning humans for organ harvesting, splicing animal and human genes and making food out of human DNA or tissue is just science fiction.

I thought then, that the most appealing way to start off was to simply provide the headlines of some of the articles and documents I found during my research process, so that the readers had an immediate notion of what genetic engineering really means and how it affects them directly now and how it will affect them in the future. Posting the headlines will also facilitate the research for you and will give you the opportunity to do your own investigative work.

So let’s see what the headlines tell us.

Why the future doesn’t need us.

New Federal Guidelines Will Allow Creation of Human-Animals Chimeras

GM Food Dangers Include: Low Fertility, Organ Damage and Hormone Disruption

GM goat spins web based future

‘Spider-goats’ start work on wonder web

Transgenic fish could threaten wild populations

‘Trojan gene’ could wipe out fish

Chimeras, Cloning and Freak Human-Animal Hybrids

Bone marrow cell-mediated production of transgenic chickens Open

Part Human/Part Animal Hybrid Monsters Are Being Created By Scientists All Over The Planet

Human-rabbit clone announced and no noses twitch

The Case for Fertility Control Using Immuno-contraception

Endosulfan and Endocrine Disruption:

Human Risk Characterization

19 Studies Link GMO Foods to Organ Disruption

GMO Pesticides linked to birth defects, disruption of male hormones, cancer



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