Television preacher and Pastor, John Hagee has stated in the past that people who do not “support Israel” are biblically ignorant. That is quite interesting because my Bible shows me very clearly that the UNBELIEVING JEWS of our time, believe the very same stuff that the UNBELIEVING JEWS believed when they rejected and KILLED Jesus the Christ (Messiah) almost 2000 years ago! Why would I want to support a system which rejected Jesus as the Messiah when HE came the first time, and STILL REJECT HIM to this very day? They make NO APOLOGY for their beliefs, and I make NO APOLOGY for my beliefs either!  They do not believe that Jesus is the Christ (Messiah) so according to my Bible they are of an “antichrist spirit” which the Jewish apostle John mentioned in his letters. (1 John 2:18, 2:22, 4:3, 2 John 1:7)

I DO certainly believe that Jesus is the Christ (Messiah), and I also believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord God Almighty, according to the scriptures! (Revelation 1:8, 11, 17-18, 2:8, Isaiah 44:6, 24) I also believe that anyone who REJECTS Jesus Christ, will ultimately DIE in their sins, according to Jesus Christ himself. (John 8:24, Mark 16:15-16, John 3:16-21) So I do not consider myself to be “Biblically ignorant” regarding UNBELIEVING ISRAEL at all. I do NOT support UNBELIEVING ISRAEL, and I still continue to warn others about them also, as I am doing again here in this article. That is truly a “no-brainer” for me, because I do not want to be linked or UNITED together with any group of people who reject the one (Jesus) who shed his BLOOD to SAVE my soul! My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, also prophesied of HIS OWN DEATH at the hands of the UNBELIEVING JEWS in the parable of the vineyard, and you can read about that at the end of this article.