This  book provides stunning information about the secret role of the freemasons in international politics, about the bloody upheavals in France in 1789 and in Russia in 1917. The Author reveals the presence of dark Masonic forces behind the scenes (both Lenin and Trotsky were high-ranking freemasons, obeying the International Masonic Council). The Author pursues the history of the communist ideology from the Illuminati of the 18th century, to Moses Hess and his disciples Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The Illuminati movement was founded on 1 May 1776 in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. The book describes the role of the Illuminati in the French “Revolution”. It then goes on to examine the so-called Russian Revolutions in 1917. Jüri Lina shows how the events in Russia between 1917 and 1991 still affect the fate of the world.

The author tries to answer questions like: Where did the Communist idea originate and how was it developed? Why did powerful international financial circles finance the “Russian revolutionaries” in March and November 1917? What was the purpose of the social destruction that followed and in which way did this serve the forces behind the Communists?

“Under the Sign of the Scorpion” will change the reader’s perception of reality. After the fall of the Soviet power on 24 August 1991, the official archives have begun to reveal their secrets to amazed Russian historians. There is a constant flow of new shocking information but only a trickle has as yet reached us in Western Europe and America. Above all, we lack an overall picture. It is this picture which Jüri Lina attempts to give us in his book, which is largely based on released Russian material. 

The author also explains why the Soviet Union was abolished and is currently being recreated under another name – the European Union.

“Under the Sign of the Scorpion” is likely to change the reader’s perception of reality. The reader should gain insight into another reality from where certain powers are attempting to control us with invisible threads. 

The book is illustrated.

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I skuggan av Hermes: Kommunismens hemligheter

Känsliga tittare varnas för oerhört starka våldsscener.
Filmen kan varaktigt skada vissa tittares politiska trossystem.

Kommunismen är inte någon lekstuga, utan den värsta skräckkammaren.



Den judiska holocausten är en lekstuga i jämförelse! - sagt av en amerikansk pastor.

The Jewish Holocaust is a playhouse in comparision! - said by an American pastor.