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By Rev. Ted Pike
5 May 14

For decades the Jewish Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center have eagerly anticipated a "perfect shooter" from the political and Christian right. A massacre, preferably of Jews at a synagogue, would give ADL/SPLC pretext to call for unprecedented legislation banning "hate speech," especially on the internet.

Was Frazier Glenn Cross, recent alleged murderer of three in a Kansas City Jewish center and retirement home, such a person? ADL/SPLC's ideal would have been a homicidal fanatic with connections to the alternative anti-Zionist and Christian/conservative right. Except for contact with the non-anti-Semitic American Free Press, Cross lived and hated within a bitter, narrow world on the very far white supremacist right.

Yet, even as an "imperfect shooter," the former KKK leader is the best twisted (and elderly) poster boy of hate these Jewish groups have encountered since James W. von Brunn, a white supremacist, who fatally shot a guard at the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C. in 2009.

I suspect they have decided, after a considerable dry spell of opportunity to legitimately accuse the right of violent hate, that it's time to proceed vigorously to the next stage: federal legislation that will help ban internet "hate speech" that they claim played a significant role in inciting Cross to pull the trigger. Thus the Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014, S. 2219 and H.R. 3878, were submitted to Congress by Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-NY. This bill calls for update of the National Telecommunications Information Administration's 1993 report "The Role of Telecommunications in Hate Crimes." That original report, mandated by ADL's Hate Crimes Statistics Act of 1990, actually found very little evidence that hate speech on the internet at the time had contributed to violent hate crimes. Clearly, the new report is intended to do much better, hoping to testify to Congress that the internet is now saturated with hate speech full of potential for stimulating violence such as erupted in Kansas City.

As things now stand, there is also little evidence that internet hate speech stimulated Frazier Glenn Cross to anti-Jewish violence. The chief value of this bill to groups such as ADL/SPLC is that it may now provide them a pulpit on which to pontificate and make twisted definitions and recommendations in favor of practical censorship of the right in America. It is thus no accident that this bill is surfing a wave of anti-right wing sentiment whipped up by the Jewish-dominated media and Jewish attack groups. (See Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish)

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