The Sign of the end has Come, The final hour, The ANTICHRIST Surrounds Jerusalem! The Identity of the AntiChrist is revealed in this Video. The CIA created Isis and have knowingly or unknowingly set up the AntiChrist. While Only God knows the time of the coming of Christ. Satan will set up his AntiChrist Government through his Earthly representatives. While no one knows the day and the hour of Christ's return, we are told to WATCH and that we will know the time to flee from Israel, because we will see the AntiChrist/ Son if Destruction, soround Jerusalem. This is called the Abomination that CAUSES the desolation of Israel. Do you hear this? Jesus tells us Israel will be made desolate. This video is a warning to ALL Israel. GET OUT now. ALL Christians in the middle EAST, PLEASE heed the warning of Jesus. The sign of the coming of Jesus is here. We have part of that sign when we see jerusalem sorounded by armies. Luke 21:21. This is the Armies of AntiChrist. This is now without a doubt happening before our eyes. Please watch this video and share with as many as you can. ALL must hear this warning. The AntiChrist is here friends and we KNOW he is the leader of this army. We know who the Army is because we see it massing around Israel as I write this. We know who is the leader of this Army. We Know. The time is at HAND! Prepare NOW! source


1Thess. 5:21 Test all things; hold fast what is good.