Trump's daughter, Ivanka, if she wasn't before, definitely is a Jew now. She converted to Orthodox Judaism in 2009 to marry uber-Zionist and suspected satanic-Jew Jared Kushner. Trump has appointed Kushner to his cabinet as a Senior Advisor on Israel and the Middle East, he is 35. Dismissing the fact this is a brazen case of nepotism, which the courts conveniently found legal precedence for after Hillary obtained a position in Bill's WH; Kushner is expected to continue his noticeable influence over Trump's decision making, something the campaign relied on.

Kushner is being touted as the real brains behind what got Trump elected (pandering to electorate bases based on polling and social media). Trump glows about the guy; according to the mainstream media he would not be where he is without the help of Kushner. Take a look:


Kushner has garnered a lot of attention for himself, especially for being a "no-key guy." There is a lot of talk about this entrepreneur's future. Forbes listed him on their "40 under 40" list. He had access to his Daddy's money for a few years while the old-man was behind bars, which he used to buy himself the New York Observer, and invest in a whole slew of business ventures. Mockingbird news pundits have gone so far to say he could potentially broker peace in Israel/Palestine.

Kushner's Dad, Charles Kushner, was found guilty on 18 counts of felony tax evasion, witness tampering, and making illegal campaign contributions, and served two years in federal prison.

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