(observera - att den nedanstående artikeln anses som en "hat-site" av lögnarna!)

The Post-Modern church is shaped around what has become the “business” of doing Church. The focus is on growing the numbers, defining the brand and making the customers happy, rather than focusing on feeding the sheep or equipping the saints to bring the Good News of the Gospel to those who don’t know Him.

Stand Up For The Truth is a radio and online ministry that covers news of the day, trends in the church and theological issues that Christians deal with and talk about every day, and we give you a place to be educated, equipped and connected to help you discern along the way. But most importantly, we point you to Christ Jesus as our Savior, and His Word – the Scriptures, as the truth that you can depend on. In fact, you should filter everything you read, hear and consume as a believer – including what you find on this program – through the Scriptures to see if it lines up.

What many of us don’t realize is that the Seeker-Driven model and the Emerging Church is a product created by and promoted by the “Druckerites,” or those who have been personally mentored and inspired by the late business guru Peter Drucker. Who is Peter Drucker? Today we’re going to talk about him and his influence on today’s visible church – and by the way just about every church has been touched and shaped in some way by Peter Drucker.

Joining us today is Mary Danielsen, a researcher and frequent guest on our program. You can find her reports on the high-tech influences used by world governments to keep tabs on its citizens. She shares this on her The Things to Come blog. Mary is also launching a new ministry feature here on our radio station called the 2-Minute Warning.

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